Call for Papers: Special Issue on Cloud Computing in Science & Engineering

Submitted by Ivan Rodero
November 4, 2012

Submitted by Ivan Rodero

Call for Papers

IEEE Computing in Science & Engineering

Special Issue on Cloud Computing in Science & Engineering

Submissions due: November 04, 2012

Estimated Publication date: July/August, 2013

Cloud computing has emerged as a dominant paradigm that has been widely
adopted by enterprises. Clouds provide on-demand access to computing
utilities, an abstraction of unlimited computing resources, and support for
on-demand scale up, scale down and scale out. Clouds are also rapidly
joining more traditional computing platforms as viable platforms for
scientific exploration and discovery, and education. As a result,
understanding application formulations and usage modes that are meaningful
in such a hybrid infrastructure, what are the fundamental conceptual and
technological challenges, and how applications can effectively utilize it,
is critical.

The goal of this special issue of CiSE is to explore how Clouds platforms
and abstractions, either by themselves or in combination with other
platforms, can be effectively used to support real-world science and
engineering applications. Topics of interest include (but are not limited
to): algorithmic and application formulations, programming models and
systems, runtime systems and middleware, end-to-end application workflows
and experiences with real applications.

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We strongly encourage submissions that include multimedia, data, and
community content, which will be featured on the IEEE Computer Society
website along with the accepted papers.