Call for Papers: ICCD 2013

Submitted by Rainer Buchty
October 6 to October 9, 2013

Submitted by Rainer Buchty

31st IEEE International Conference on Computer Design
ICCD 2013

THEME: The Next 30 Years

Asheville, NC, USA
October 6-9, 2013


Abstract submission: May 6
Paper submission: May 13
Author notification: July 22
Final paper: August 26

range of topics in the research, design, and implementation of
computer systems and their components. ICCD’s multi-disciplinary
emphasis provides an ideal environment for developers and researchers
to discuss practical and theoretical work covering system and computer
architecture, test, verification and security, design and technology,
and tools and methodologies.

In 2012, ICCD celebrated its 30th edition with a retrospective of
developments since 1983. This year, the conference theme is:

The Next 30 Years

We especially encourage submissions that look forward to future
systems and technologies. Manuscripts describing original work on any
topic from the scope of ICCD are welcome. Authors are asked to submit
technical papers in accordance to the author’s instructions in one of
the following five conference tracks:

Advanced computer architecture for general and application-specific
enhancement; Software design for embedded, mobile, general-purpose,
cloud, and high-performance platforms; IP and platform-based designs;
HW/SW codesign; Modeling and performance analysis; Support for
security, languages and operating systems; Real-time systems;
Application-specific and embedded software optimization; Compiler
support for multithreaded and multi-core designs; Memory system and
network system optimization; On-chip and system-area networks; Support
for communication and synchronization.

Microarchitecture design techniques for uni- and multi-core
processors: instruction-level parallelism, pipelining, caching, branch
prediction, multithreading; Techniques for low-power, secure, and
reliable processors; Embedded, network, graphic, system-on-chip,
application-specific and digital signal processor design; Hardware
support for processor virtualization; Real-life design challenges:
case studies, tradeoffs, post-mortems.

Circuits and design techniques for digital, memory, analog and
mixed-signal systems; Circuits and design techniques for high
performance and low power; Circuits and design techniques for
robustness under process variability and radiation; Design techniques
for emerging process technologies (MEMs, spintronics nano, quantum);
Asynchronous circuits; Signal processing, graphic processor and
arithmetic circuits.

High-level, logic and physical synthesis; Physical planning, design
and early estimation for large circuits; Automatic analysis and
optimization of timing, power and noise; Tools for multiple-clock
domains, asynchronous and mixed timing methodologies; CAD support for
FPGAs, ASSPs, structured ASICs, platform-based design and NOC; DfM and
OPC methodologies; System-level design and synthesis; Tools and design
methods for emerging technologies (MEMs, spintronics, nano, quantum).

Design error debug and diagnosis; Fault modeling; Fault simulation and
ATPG; Fault tolerance; DFT and BIST. Functional, transaction-level,
RTL, and gate-level modeling and verification of hardware designs;
Equivalence checking, property checking, and theorem proving;
Constrained-random test generation; High-level design and SoC
validation. Hardware security primitives; Side channel analysis; Logic
and microarchitectural countermeasures; Interaction between VLSI test
and trust.

ICCD 2013 Organizing Committee

General Chairs
Greg Byrd, NC State Univ., USA
Klaus Schneider, Univ. of Kaiserslautern, Germany
Past Chair
Sofiene Tahar, Concordia Univ., Canada
Technical Program Chairs
Pradip Bose, IBM, USA
Naehyuck Chang, Seoul National Univ., Korea
Special Sessions Chair
Omer Khan, Univ. of Connecticut, USA
Finance Chairs
Carlo Galuzzi, TU Delft, The Netherlands
Andrew Hilton, Duke Univ., USA
Local Arrangements Chair
James Tuck, NC State Univ., USA
Publication Chair
Sung Woo Chung, Korea Univ., Korea
Web Chair
John Kim, KAIST, Korea
Publicity Chairs
Rainer Buchty, TU Braunschweig, Germany
Yukuen Lai, Chung Yuan Christian Univ., Taiwan
Guru Prasadh Venkataramani, GWU, USA

ICCD 2013 Track Chairs

Computer Systems and Applications
Luc Claesen, Hasselt Univ., Belgium
Natalie Enright Jerger, Univ. of Toronto, Canada
Processor Architecture
Ben Juurlink, TU Berlin, Germany
Sung Woo Chung, Korea Univ., Korea
Logic and Circuit Design
Massimo Alioto, Univ. of Siena, Italy
William Hung, Synopsys, USA
Electronic Design Automation
David Pan, Univ. of Texas, USA
Donatella Sciuto, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Test, Verification, and Security
Ozgur Sinanoglu, NYU Abu Dhabi, UAE
Dominik Stoffel, Univ. Kaiserslautern, Germany

ICCD Steering Committee

Kee-Sup Kim, Samsung, Korea (Chair)
Peter-Michael Seidel, Univ. of Hawaii, USA
Sandip Kundu, Univ. of Massachusetts, USA
Georgi Gaydadjiev, Chalmers Univ., Sweden