Call for Proprosals: ESSA 2013, Tutorial/Workshop on Energy-Secure System Architectures

Submitted by Augusto Vega
June 23, 2013

Submitted by Augusto Vega

The “power wall” has forced chip and system architects to design
with smaller margins between nominal and worst-case operating
points. Dynamic power and thermal management control loops have
already become an integral part of chip and system design. New
research papers in wearout and general reliability management have
recently been published. These new generation management protocols
have, however, opened up other sources of concern: e.g. control loop
stability and robustness of the management protocols. The potential
security holes exposed by the integrated control loops and system
safety issues triggered by potential violations of power or thermal
limits are other areas of concern. We seek to motivate the research
community into adopting a holistic approach to mitigating the power
wall and the concomitant reliability-security wall.

We have coined the term “Energy-Secure System Architectures” to
cover the range of research being pursued within industry and
academia in order to ensure robust and secure functionality, while
meeting the energy-related constraints of the emerging “green
computing” era. This segmented tutorial/workshop offering, composed
of lectures provided by experts in the areas of power/thermal
management, reliability and security, provides a comprehensive view
of the hardware and software aspects of Energy-Secure System
This is the third year of the offering of this workshop.