About Us

SIGARCH serves a unique community of computer professionals working on the forefront of computer design in both industry and academia. It is ACM’s primary forum for interchange of ideas about tomorrow’s hardware and its interactions with compilers and operating systems.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Group’s specialty is the architecture of computer systems, including all aspects of their organization, structure, design, and engineering. The organization shall promote the interest of professionals by:

  • Affording opportunity for discussion of problems of common interest,
  • Encouraging presentation of papers of special interest to this group at national and Regional Meetings of the ACM and at other special meetings organized by this group,
  • Providing guidance to the ACM Council matters of importance of the group, and
  • Publishing a bulletin containing information of interest to the group.


Special interest areas include: physical structure of computer systems, organization of processors (superscalar, multithreaded), memory hierarchies, disks and I/O organizations, control and sequencing (dynamic and static scheduling, speculative execution), shared-memory multiprocessors, multicomputers, distributed shared memory systems.