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Here are some tips to be a good PC member.

Server Architecture for the New Age Datacenter

Server architectures have largely been boring. Boring has been good. It has helped applications thrive in a stable H/W ecosystem and innovate at providing business logic. While performance improvements have largely been single thread performance improvements extended to data center class systems, we are beginning to see a new era in Server architecture designs driven by memory technologies, accelerators and fabrics like Gen-Z, CCIX and Open CAPI that glue them.
X86, Memory centric architectures, Gen-Z, CCIX, Open CAPI

The von Neumann Bottleneck Revisited

The term “von Neumann bottleneck” was coined by John Backus in his 1978 Turing Award lecture to refer to the bus connecting the CPU to the store in von Neumann architectures. In this...

Easy Persistent Memory Performance Wins

Mainstream non-volatile main memory (NVMM) is just around the corner:  Intel is opening up access to their 3DXpoint technology to a broader range of companies, and we are gradually...

Streaming Video for The Computer Architect

Today streaming video accounts for over 70% of evening web traffic in the US. YouTube upload rates outpace not only CPU performance, but Moore’s Law itself, and reached 400 hours of video...

SIGARCH serves a unique community of computer professionals working on the forefront of computer design in both industry and academia.


Announcements of book and tool releases, calls for award nominations, SIGARCH-focused announcements.

June 24, 2018
WICARCH survey
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Calls for Contributions

Calls for papers, tutorials, workshops, presentations and other technical contributions.

February 16, 2019 in Washington DC, USA
Call for Workshops/Tutorials: CGO 2019
May 6, 2019 in Washington D.C., USA
Call for Papers: HOST 2019
March 24, 2019 in Madison, WI
Call for Papers: ISPASS 2018
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: October 15, 2018 in Zwijnaarde
Call for Papers: IEEE Micro Top Picks 2018
February 16, 2019 in Washington, DC
Call for Workshops/Tutorials: HPCA 2018
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Calls for Participation

Information on registering and attending conferences, workshops and other events.

September 30, 2018 in Torino Incontra, Torino, Italy
Embedded Systems Week
July 23, 2018 in Ithaca, USA
ANCS 2018: Student Travel Grants
June 4, 2018 in Haifa
July 23, 2018 in Bellevue, Washington
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