The Brain-Computer Interfacing Landscape for Computer Architects

Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) connect the brain with computers and machines, forging a link between natural intelligence and artificial...

Extending Dataflow Techniques from Dense to Sparse Accelerators

Picture generated by Microsoft Designer powered by DALL·E 3   Computations on sparse matrices/tensors in scientific computing, graph...

Architecture 2.0 Workshop: How Machine Learning Will Redefine Computer Architecture and Systems

Benchmarks, Competitions, Datasets, Leaderboards, Machine Learning, ML4Sys, MLSys

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Tuning the Symphony of Heterogeneous Memory Systems

Image generated by DALL·E through ChatGPT. Heterogeneous Memory: A Journey Toward Performance The heterogeneous memory system is pivotal in...

Think Twice Before… Using Machine Learning to Manage Cloud Resources

How many times have you tried setting up a virtual machine, container pods or serveless functions in the cloud and wondered how many...

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Call for Papers: ICCD 2024
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April 27, 2024 in San Diego
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