The papers appearing at ISCA represent some of the best research works in our field. The selection for the Best Paper Award for ISCA must look for papers that significantly excel in one or more of the following dimensions: (a) deep technical insight that solves an important problem, (b) likelihood of impacting products emerging from industry, (c) potential for broader impact on the research community, and (d) potential for growing the field by enabling a significant amount of follow-on research in a new topic.

Refer to this document for details of the selection process.

2023: Kaiyang Zhao, Kaiwen Xue, Ziqi Wang, Dan Schatzberg, Leon Yang, Antonis, Manousis, Johannes Weiner, Rik van Riel, Bikash Sharma, Chunqiang Tang, Dimitrios Skarlatos
Contiguitas: The Pursuit of Physical Memory Contiguity in Datacenters

2022: Abhishek Bhattacharyya, Abhijith Somashekhar and Joshua San Miguel
NvMR: Non-Volatile Memory Renaming for Intermittent Computing