CARES Conferences Covered, Operations, and History

Committee to Aid REporting on discrimination and haraSsment policy violations.

Covered conferences

CARES members are always available by email to correspond and to set up a call with anyone who would like to speak with us about harassment, discrimination, or other concerns related to building and sustaining an inclusive research community.

In addition, one or more CARES members will “cover” conferences by announcing their presence at the beginning of the meeting and at the business meeting, and being available for in-person conversations throughout the meeting at sessions and breaks, etc. A CARES member will be available for email and phone calls for on-line PC meetings and in person at physical PC meetings. We will announce the CARES members attending below. At conferences, we will typically set up a table for at least an hour a day and announce the time and location. Initially, the following conferences will have guaranteed coverage.

  • ISCA

CARES committee members may also attend other workshops and conferences sponsored or co-sponsored by SIGARCH and SIGMICRO, when they normally would attend. As the sponsoring organizations and/or committee expands in membership, it may add conferences to the guaranteed list.

Conferences CARES member attendees
HPCA/PPOPP/CGO 2020 Lieven Eeckhout, Timothy Pinkston (co-chair), Peng Wu from SIGPLAN CARES
ASPLOS 2020 Luis Ceze, Lieven Eeckhout, Kathryn S McKinley (co-chair), Timothy Pinkston (co-chair), Karin Strauss
ISCA PC 2020 Lieven Eeckhout, Viji Srinivasan
MICRO 2019 Yasuko Eckert, Lieven Eeckhout, Joel Emer, Timothy Pinkston
Office Hours: 7:30-8:30 am near the Registration Desk (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday)
ASPLOS PC 2020 Luis Ceze, Lieven Eeckhout, Margaret Martonosi (co-chair), Kathryn S McKinley (co-chair), Karin Strauss
MICRO PC 2019 Viji Srinivasan
ISCA 2019 Luis Ceze, Lieven Eeckhout, Joel Emer, Margaret Martonosi (co-chair), Kathryn S McKinley (co-chair), Timothy Pinkston, Karin Strauss
ASPLOS 2019 Luis Ceze, Joel Emer, Kathryn S McKinley (co-chair), Karin Strauss
ISCA PC 2019 Yasuko Eckert, Diana Marculescu
ASPLOS PC 2019 Shan Lu, Luis Ceze, Karin Strauss
MICRO 2018 Luis Ceze, Joel Emer, Margaret Martonosi (co-chair)
MICRO PC 2018 Lieven Eeckhout, Viji Srinivasan
ISCA 2018 Lieven Eeckhout, Joel Emer, Margaret Martonosi (co-chair), Kathryn S McKinley (co-chair)
ASPLOS 2018 Timothy Pinkston

Current and previous CARES Committee Members and their terms

Name Term
Luis Ceze 2018-present
Yasuko Eckert 2019-present
Lieven Eeckhout 2018-present
Joel Emer 2018-present
Shan Lu 2018-present
Diana Marculescu 2019-present
Margaret Martonosi 2018-2019
Kathryn S McKinley (co-chair) 2018-present
Timothy Pinkston (co-chair) 2018-present
Karin Strauss 2018-present
Viji Srinivasan 2018-present

Co-chair terms
The CARES committee was initially formed in 2018 by SIGARCH and very soon thereafter joined in sponsorship by SIGMICRO. The SIGARCH executive committee appointed the following initial six members: Lieven Eeckhout, Joel Emer, Margaret Martonosi (co-chair), Kathryn S McKinley (co-chair), Timothy Pinkston, and Viji Srinivasan). initial six members (Lieven Eeckhout, Joel Emer, Margaret Martonosi (co-chair), Kathryn S McKinley (co-chair), Timothy Pinkston, and Viji Srinivasan.

Name Term
Margaret Martonosi 2018-December 2019
Kathryn S McKinley 2018-December 2020
Timothy Pinkston January 2020-December 2022