CARES Conferences Covered, Operations, and History

Committee to Aid REporting on discrimination and haraSsment policy violations.

Covered conferences

Initially one or more CARES members will cover the following list of guaranteed sponsored conferences and their PC meetings, as invited.

  • ISCA

CARES committee members may also cover other conferences sponsored or co-sponsored by SIGARCH and SIGMICRO, such as SPAA, ICS, PACT, CGO, etc., when they normally would attend.  As the sponsoring organizations and/or committee expands in membership, it may add conferences to the guaranteed list.

Conferences CARES member attendees
ASPLOS PC 2020 Luis Ceze, Lieven Eeckhout, Margaret Martonosi (co-chair), Kathryn S McKinley (co-chair), Karin Strauss
MICRO PC 2019 Viji Srinivasan
ISCA 2019 Luis Ceze, Lieven Eeckhout, Joel Emer, Margaret Martonosi (co-chair), Kathryn S McKinley (co-chair), Timothy Pinkston, Karin Strauss
ASPLOS 2019 Luis Ceze, Joel Emer, Kathryn S McKinley (co-chair), Karin Strauss
ISCA PC 2019 Yasuko Eckert, Diana Marculescu
ASPLOS PC 2019 Shan Lu, Luis Ceze, Karin Strauss
MICRO 2018 Luis Ceze, Joel Emer, Margaret Martonosi (co-chair)
MICRO PC 2018 Lieven Eeckhout, Viji Srinivasan
ISCA 2018 Lieven Eeckhout, Joel Emer, Margaret Martonosi (co-chair), Kathryn S McKinley (co-chair)
ASPLOS 2018 Timothy Pinkston

Current and previous CARES Committee Members and their terms

Name Term
Luis Ceze 2018-present
Yasuko Eckert 2019-present
Lieven Eeckhout 2018-present
Joel Emer 2018-present
Shan Lu 2018-present
Diana Marculescu 2019-present
Margaret Martonosi (co-chair) 2018-present
Kathryn S McKinley (co-chair) 2018-present
Timothy Pinkston 2018-present
Karin Strauss 2018-present
Viji Srinivasan 2018-present

Co-chair terms

To manage the creation of the committee, its bylaws, membership, and to create staggered terms, the first two co-chairs will serve terms of slightly more than three years (Margaret Martonosi 2018 – June 2021) and two years (Kathryn S McKinley 2018 – December 2019).