Call for Papers:

CASES 2017

Abstract or Paper Registration Deadline
March 31, 2017
Final Submission Deadline
April 7, 2017

International Conference on Compilers, Architectures, and Synthesis for Embedded Systems (CASES 2017)
at the Embedded System Week (ESWeek)
Seoul, South Korea
October 15-20, 2017

Abstract Submission: March 31, 2017
Full Paper Submission: April 7, 2017 (firm deadline)
WiP Submission: June 2, 2017 (firm deadline)

CASES 2017 will introduce a journal-integrated publication model where the majority of papers will be published in the ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems (TECS).

CASES is a premier forum where researchers, developers and practitioners exchange information on the latest advances in compilers and architectures for high-performance, low-power embedded systems. The conference has a long tradition of showcasing leading edge research in embedded processor, memory, interconnect, storage architectures and related compiler techniques targeting performance, power, predictability, security, reliability issues for both traditional and emerging application domains. We also invite innovative papers addressing design, synthesis and optimization challenges in heterogeneous, accelerator-rich architectures.

Topics of interests include but are not limited to:

Processor Architectures: Multi- and many-core processors, Embedded and mobile processor micro-architecture, GPU architectures, Reconfigurable computing including FPGAs and CGRAs, Application-Specific processor design, 3D-stacked architectures.

Memory and Storage: Memory system architecture; Non-volatile and other emerging memory technologies; Scratchpad memory, caches and compiler controlled memories; storage organization including flash storage.

On-chip communication and I/O: Networks-on-chip architectures and design methodologies; on-chip com-munication synthesis, analysis, and optimization; I/O management in embedded systems.

Compilers for Embedded Systems: Compilation for power and performance; Compiler support for GPUs, FPGAs, CGRAs, heterogeneous multi-core SoC; compilation for memory, storage, and on-chip communications.

Power and Thermal: Power- and energy-efficient architectures; Compilation and runtime management for low-power and
thermally-constrained embedded systems.

Security, Reliability, and Predictability: Secure architectures, hardware security, and compilation for software security; Architecture and compiler techniques for reliability and aging; Modeling, design, analysis, and optimization for timing and predictability; Validation, verification, testing and debugging of embedded software.

Emerging Application Domains and Accelerators: Synthesis of accelerators for machine learning, neuromorphic and cognitive computing, data analytics; Architectures, compiler and synthesis for emerging nanoscale devices, biologically inspired computing systems, programmable microfluidics and synthetic biology; Architectures, compilers and synthesis for approximate computing.

Internet of Things (IoT) Day: Special IoT Day will be jointly organized by all the conferences in ESWeek. Topics for CASES include: Architecture, compiler, and synthesis for IoT platforms, wearables and other small form-factor devices; Low-power, high-performance and reliable design of micro-controllers, accelerators and SoCs for edge computing and gateways; Compiler for ultra-low power IoT applications; Secure software development, secure hardware design and synthesis for IoT.

High-quality original papers will be accepted for publication in ACM TECS plus oral presentations in ESWeek. CASES will follow a double-blind, two-stage review process, where papers passing the first-stage of reviews may need to submit a revised version within a short timeframe (about three weeks) for second-stage reviews.

Program Chairs:
Laura Pozzi, USI Lugano, Switzerland
Tulika Mitra, National University of Singapore, Singapore