Call for Papers:

CAV at MICRO 2022

Abstract or Paper Registration Deadline
September 2, 2022
Final Submission Deadline
September 2, 2022

The global market for autonomous vehicles is expected to surpass $300 billion by the end of the decade.  Due to the unique requirements of simultaneously providing sufficient computational power to run the necessary workloads needed to support autonomous driving, achieving the efficiency necessary to run the system in the resource-constrained environment of an on-road vehicle, and ensuring reliable execution, specialized compute platforms are required for this domain.

We welcome submissions focused on compute platforms for autonomous vehicles (cars/drones/robots).  Key topics that we seek to address in the workshop include:

  • Energy-efficient machine learning inference accelerators
  • Techniques for exploiting reduced precision or sparsity in hardware
  • Techniques for improving energy efficiency of hardware
  • Techniques for maintaining operation/performance in an expanded thermal range
  • Techniques to ensure deterministic performance
  • Reliability and safety considerations