Call for Papers:

Championship Value Prediction

Final Submission Deadline
November 30, 2020

Championship Value Prediction (CVP)

Following the 1st Championship Value Prediction workshop held at ISCA 2018, the CVP organizing committee is pleased to announce that CVP is now a year-round competition!

We believe this new competition format to be beneficial as there is no deadline while the opportunity to attend and present at a workshop is retained. Indeed, the organizing committee pledges to organize a CVP workshop at top-tier conferences regularly and to invite contestants to present their work, contingent on the number of new submissions.

In addition, CVP provides a high-quality framework including industry-generated instruction traces for CS and ECE students looking for an interesting project that may potentially have real-world impact.

The goal for this competition is to compare different value prediction algorithms in a common framework. Predictors will be evaluated for all instructions producing a general-purpose register. Predictors must be implemented within a fixed storage budget as specified in the competition rules. The simple and transparent evaluation process enables dissemination of results and techniques to the larger computer architecture community and allows independent verification of results.

General Rules:
The championship has three tracks, each designing value predictors with different storage budgets: 8KB, 32KB, and unlimited size (Competitors can choose not to compete in a particular budget category). In each category an additional side buffer of unbounded size is allowed for tracking additional information used by the predictor (e.g., global history). Authors are also required to provide a 4-age write-up describing their contribution and how storage was allocated to the different hardware structures. Note that novelty is not a strict requirement, for example, a contestant may submit his/her previously published design or make incremental enhancements to a previously proposed design, on the implicit condition that the write-up contains new insight regarding why performance has increased.

All source code, write-ups and performance results will be made publicly available through the leaderboard (

We look forward to receiving new submissions, and we encourage you to spread the word about CVP’s new format and mission to colleagues and/or students that could potentially be interested.

The new CVP website can be found at:

The CVP-1 website will remain parked at: