Call for Papers:

Eye Tracking Techniques, Applications, and Challenges

Final Submission Deadline
October 31, 2021

Eye tracking technology is becoming more widespread nowadays, thanks to the recent availability of cheap commercial devices (such as gaze detection sensors). At the same time, novel techniques are being continuously pursued to improve gaze detection precision, and new ways to fully exploit the potential of eye data are also continuously being explored.

The number of potential applications of eye tracking is also growing constantly, including health care (both medical diagnosing and treatment), Human-Computer Interaction, user behavior understanding, psychology, biometric identification, education, and many more.

The purpose of this Special Issue is to present the recent advancements in eye tracking research, including advancements in eye signal acquisition using different optical and nonoptical sensors, and different ways of eye movement signal processing. Any research that exploits eye tracking sensors for various purposes, be it Human-Computer Interaction, user behavior understanding, biometrics, or others, is also welcome.

The Special Issue will include extended versions of selected papers from the ETTAC 2020 Workshop, which was the first workshop to be held on eye tracking techniques, applications, and challenges. It was organized during the 25th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2020). However, we also solicit other contributions from researchers involved and interested in this research area.