FastPath 2012 Workshop call for papers

Final Submission Deadline
February 27, 2012

Submitted by Peter Sweeney

(Extended submission date and invited speakers)
FastPath 2012 Workshop on Performance Modeling and Analysis of
Workload Optimized Systems
April 1, 2012
New Brunswick, NJ
To be held with the ISPASS Conference: http://ispass.org/ispass2012

FastPath brings together researchers and practitioners involved in
cross-stack hardware/software performance analysis, evaluation, and
modeling of workload optimized systems.

With microprocessor clock speeds being held constant, optimizing systems
around specific workloads is an increasingly attractive means to improve
performance. The importance of workload optimized systems is seen in their
ubiquitous deployment in diverse systems from cellphones to tablets to routers
to game machines to Top500 supercomputers, and IT appliances such as IBMs
DataPower and Netezza, and Oracle’s Exadata.

More precisely, workload optimized systems have hardware and/or software
specifically designed to run well for a particular application or application
class. The types and components of workload optimized systems vary, but a
partial list includes traditional CPUs assisted with accelerators (ASICs,
FPGAs, GPUs), memory accelerators, I/O accelerators, hybrid systems, and
IT appliances.

FastPath seeks to facilitate the exchange of ideas on performance
analysis, evaluation and modeling of workload optimized systems.
Please submit a 6-page research papers (2-column, 10 to 12-point type,
single spaced, 1-inch margins) from one or more of the topics that
include, but not limited to:

o Workloads o GPUs
o Simulators o FPGAs
o Measured results on accelerated systems o ASIC Accelerators
o Industrial Experiences o Programming Models
o Analytical Techniques o Runtime Management Systems

Simha Sethumadhavan (Columbia University)
Mark Hempstead (Drexel University)

Please make submissions here:
Fastpath papers will be made available through the workshop website and
hard copies will be provided at the workshop to the attendees. There are
no copyright issues with Fastpath papers, and thus authors retain the
copyright of their work with complete freedom to submit their work elsewhere.
Additional details are on our website: http://www.fastpath2012.net.tc

Submission: February 27, 2012 (extended date)
Notification: March 12, 2012
Final Materials Due: March 23, 2012
Workshop April 1, 2012

General Co-Chairs: David Brooks (Harvard), Parijat Dube (IBM)
Program Committee Co-Chairs: Erik Altman (IBM), Lieven Eeckhout (Ghent)
Publicity Chair: Peter F. Sweeney (IBM)
Web Chair: Augusto Vega (IBM)

Tor Aamodt British Columbia
Stijn Eyerman Ghent
R. Govindarajan IISc
Hans Jacobson IBM
Russ Joseph Northwestern
Mikko Lipasti Wisconsin
Toshio Nakatani IBM
Alex Ramirez BSC
Alma Riska EMC
Arrvindh Shriraman Simon Fraser
James E Smith Intel
Li Zhang IBM