HiPEAC 2013 Call For Papers

Final Submission Deadline
June 18, 2012

Submitted by Nikola Puzovic

Call for Papers

HiPEAC 2013: 8th International Conference on
High-Performance and Embedded Architectures and Compilers
January 21-23, 2013, Berlin, GERMANY


* Workshops/tutorials: June 1, 2012
* Papers: June 18, 2012
* Paper selection: November 15, 2012
* Posters: October 15, 2012


The HiPEAC conference is the premier scientific networking forum for experts in
computer architecture, programming models, compilers and operating systems for
embedded and general-purpose systems. Emphasis is given on cross-cutting
research and innovative ideas (new programming models, novel architecture
approaches, new technologies, etc.). The conference hosts a number of
associated workshops, tutorials, a large poster session and an exhibition that
run in parallel with the conference. The 8th HiPEAC conference will take place
in Berlin, Germany from Monday 21 to Wednesday January 23, 2013.


In 2011, TACO and HiPEAC jointly carried out an experiment with a publication
model where original contributions on HiPEAC topics were solicited for TACO.
Record-high numbers of submitted and accepted papers witness the significant
interest in this model. This year, TACO seeks original submissions at any time.
Accepted TACO papers by November 15, 2012 and whose topics match those of
HiPEAC will be selected and invited for presentation at HiPEAC conference. In
order to enjoy two rounds of review, and to be considered for invitation to
present at the HiPEAC 2013 conference, papers should be submitted no later than
June 18, 2012. Accepted papers will be published in regular issues of ACM TACO.

For submission details, please refer to http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/taco.

Topics of interest to HiPEAC 2013 include, but are not limited to:

– Processor architectures
– Memory system optimization
– Power, performance and implementation efficient designs
– Reliability and real-time support in processors, compilers
and run-time systems
– Network and security processors
– Application-specific processors and accelerators
– Reconfigurable architectures
– Simulation and methodology
– Hardware and run-time support for programming languages
– Compiler techniques
– Feedback-directed optimization
– Program characterization and analysis techniques
– Dynamic compilation, adaptive execution, and continuous profiling/optimization
– Binary translation/optimization
– Code size/memory footprint optimizations


HiPEAC 2013 General Chairs:
* Ben Juurlink (Technische Universität Berlin, Germany)
* Keshav Pingali (University of Texas Austin, USA)

Program Chairs:
* André Seznec (INRIA/IRISA, France)
* Lawrence Rauchwerger (Texas A&M University, USA)

Editor-in-chief of ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization:
* Tom Conte (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

Poster Chairs:
* Koen De Bosschere (Ghent University, Belgium)
* Qing Yi (University of San Antonio, USA)

Workshops/Tutorials Chair:
* Sascha Uhrig (Technische Universität Dortmund, Germany)

Industrial exhibit and European projects sub-committee:
* Henri-Pierre Charles (CEA, France)
* Rosa M. Badia (Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain)

Publicity Chairs:
* Philip Brisk (U.C Riverside, USA)
* Nikola Puzovic (Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain)

Finance Chair:
* Jeroen Borghs (Ghent University, Belgium)

Submission Chair:
* Michiel Ronsse (Ghent University, Belgium)

Web and Registrations Chair:
* Klaas Millet (Ghent University, Belgium)

Local organizing committee:
* Nico Moser (Technische Universität Berlin, Germany)
* Paula Herber (Technische Universität Berlin, Germany)
* Reinier van Kampenhout (Fraunhofer FIRST, Germany)

Steering Committee:
* Anant Agarwal (MIT, USA)
* Koen De Bosschere (Ghent University, Belgium)
* Albert Cohen (INRIA, France)
* Tom Conte (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
* Wen-mei W. Hwu (UIUC, USA)
* Walid Najjar (UC Riverside, USA)
* Per Stenstrom (Chalmers University, Sweden, Chair)
* Theo Ungerer (University of Augsburg, Germany)
* Mateo Valero (UPC, Spain)