IEEE Micro Special Issue on Security

Final Submission Deadline
February 26, 2016

Submitted by jayvant anantpur

IEEE Micro Special Issue on Security

Guest Co-Editors:
Mohit Tiwari, The University of Texas at Austin
Todd Austin: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Submissions due: Feb 26, 2016
Publication date: Sept/Oct 2016

Secure, networked systems are the foundation on which the future
healthcare, finances, automotives, and other intelligent services will rest.
Currently deployed systems, from implanted medical devices to voting
machines to mobile phones and data centers, have all been shown to be
vulnerable, and new architectures are required to construct a trustworthy
computing infrastructure.

This Special Issue on Security seeks papers on a range of topics, including but
not limited to:

– Isolation and Access control, Virtualization
– Capabilities
– Information flow control
– Cryptographic primitives
– Side channel and physical access (power, EM, etc.) attacks and defenses
– Attestation and trusted/tamper-proof execution, enclaves, etc.
– Malware detection
– Network processors and deep packet analysis
– Accelerators for security analytics
– Introspection, debugging, root cause analysis
– Secure storage, e.g. using emerging non-volatile memories
– Programming languages and formal design tools for secure architectures
– Metrics and evaluation methodologies for secure architectures
– Secure architectures for domains such as voting machines, medical devices,
automotives, high assurance embedded systems, data centers, and IoT

Initial submissions due: Feb 26, 2016
Initial notifications: April 29, 2016
Revised papers due: May 20, 2016
Final notifications: June 10, 2016
Final versions due: June 24, 2016
Publication date: Sept/Oct 2016

Log onto IEEE CS Manuscript Central (https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/micro-cs)
and submit your manuscript. Please direct questions to the IEEE Micro magazine
assistant (micro­-ma@computer.org) regarding the submission site. For the
manuscript submission, acceptable file formats include Microsoft Word and PDF.
Manuscripts should not exceed 5,000 words including references, with each
average­-size figure counting as 250 words toward this limit. Please include
all figures and tables, as well as a cover page with author contact information
(name, postal address, phone, fax, and e­mail address) and a 200­-word
abstract. Submitted manuscripts must not have been previously published or
currently submitted for publication elsewhere, and all manuscripts must be
cleared for publication. All previously published papers must have at least 30%
new content compared to any conference (or other) publication. Accepted
articles will be edited for structure, style, clarity, and readability. For
more information, please visit the IEEE Micro Author Center.

Questions: Please contact Guest co-Editors Mohit Tiwari
(tiwari@austin.utexas.edu) and Todd Austin (austin@umich.edu), or
Editor-in-Chief Lieven Eeckhout (lieven.eeckhout@ugent.be).