Call for Papers:

IEEE Micro Top Picks from 2017

Final Submission Deadline
October 16, 2017

IEEE Micro Top Picks from the 2017 Computer Architecture Conferences

Submission deadline: Monday, October 16, 2017
Publication: May/June 2018

IEEE Micro will publish its annual “Top Picks from the Computer Architecture Conferences” issue in May/June 2018. This issue collects some of the most significant research papers in computer architecture based on novelty and potential for long-term impact. Any computer architecture paper (not a combination of papers) published in the top conferences of 2017 (including MICRO-50) is eligible. The Top Picks Selection Committee will recognize those significant and insightful papers that have the potential to influence the work of computer architects for years to come.


To simplify reviewing, there is a mandatory format for submissions. The submission website allows uploading two documents per submission. Please upload the following two documents separately as a single submission:

– A three-page, two-column document using 10-point type. The first two pages should summarize the paper. The third page should argue for the potential of the work to have long-term impact, clearly articulating why and how it will influence other researchers and/or industry. On the third page, please also include what the citation of your paper would be if it won the Test of Time award in 10 years.

– The final version of the original conference paper.

Submissions that do not follow this format will not be reviewed. The first document should contain the names of the authors with a footnote that contains the title of the original conference paper, with the full name of the conference, page numbers, and date of publication.

Paper submission site:

Guest editor (and Selection Committee chair): Thomas F. Wenisch, University of Michigan