Call for Posters:


Abstract or Paper Registration Deadline
January 25, 2019
Final Submission Deadline
January 25, 2019

2019 IEEE International Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems and Software (ISPASS)
Madison, WI, USA
March 24-26, 2019

Extended poster abstract submission: January 25, 2019
Notification: February 1, 2019

The IEEE International Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems and Software (ISPASS) provides a forum for sharing advanced academic and industrial research work focused on performance analysis in the design of computer systems and software. ISPASS 2019 will be held March 24 through 26, 2019 in Madison, WI. Authors are invited to submit ongoing or late breaking research, tools or benchmarks extended poster abstracts in any of the following fields:

1) Performance and power evaluation methodologies
– Analytical modeling
– Statistical approaches
– Tracing and profiling tools
– Simulation techniques
– Hardware (e.g., FPGA) accelerated simulation
– Hardware performance counter architectures
– Power, temperature, variability and/or reliability models for computer systems
– Microbenchmark-based hardware analysis techniques
2) Foundations of performance and power analysis
– Metrics
– Bottleneck identification and analysis
– Visualization
3) Power and performance analysis of commercial and experimental hardware
– Multithreaded, multicore and many-core architectures
– Accelerators and graphics processing units
– Memory systems, including storage-class memory
– Embedded and mobile systems
– Enterprise systems and data centers
– Supercomputers
– Computer networks
4) Power and performance analysis of emerging workloads and software
– Software written in managed languages
– Virtualization and consolidation workloads
– Internet-sector workloads
– Embedded, multimedia, games, telepresence
– Deep learning and convolutional neural networks
5) Application and system code tuning and optimization
6) Confirmations or refutations of important prior results

In addition to ongoing or late breaking research, the conference is an ideal forum to publicize new tools and benchmarks to the community. These extended poster abstracts, which can detail tools and benchmarks in any of the above fields of interest, will be judged primarily on their potential impact and use rather than on their research contribution.

See for details.

ISPASS 2019 extended poster abstract submission website:

Please make sure that your submission satisfies all the requirements listed below.
– The extended poster abstract must be original material that has not been previously published in another conference or journal, nor is currently under review by another conference or journal. Note that you may submit material presented previously at a workshop without copyrighted proceedings.
– The content of the submission is limited to two (2) 8.5″x11″ single-spaced double-column pages using 10 pt or larger font, excluding references. Submissions that exceed the length limit or deviate from the formatting requirements may be rejected without review.
– References must list all authors for any reference with fewer than 10 co-authors. Complete author lists facilitate the review process.
– Do not omit references to provide anonymity, as this leaves the reviewer unable to grasp the context. Instead, if you reference your own work, do it in third person, as if you were referencing someone else’s research.
– Your submission must be formatted in such a way that it is clear to understand (including plots and diagrams) with a black-and-white print-out.
– The extended poster abstract must be submitted in PDF format. We cannot accept any other format, and we must be able to print the document just as we receive it.
– We strongly suggest that you use only the four widely-used printer fonts: Times, Helvetica, Courier, and Symbol.
– You may use IEEE Conference templates (, as long you use the conference version of the template and follow the formatting requirements above.