MSPC 2012 extended deadline (March 22)

Final Submission Deadline
March 22, 2017

Submitted by Onur Mutlu
ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Memory Systems Performance and Correctness

June 16, 2012
Co-located with PLDI 2012, Beijing, China


Extended submission deadline: March 22, 2012 (11:59pm EDT)
Author notification: April 23, 2012
Final submission: May 1, 2012


Memory continues to be a major bottleneck in almost all computing systems. It
is becoming more so as more cores and agents are sharing parts of the memory
system and as applications that run on the cores are becoming increasingly data
intensive. Continuing the tradition of six previous successful incarnations,
MSPC 2012 will provide a forum for publishing and discussing all aspects of
memory performance and correctness on a variety of systems (multi-core,
desktop, embedded, server/cloud, high-performance computing, sensor, etc) and
related software and hardware innovations at various levels of the technology
stack. We invite new submissions that tackle issues in memory system
performance, efficiency, correctness, and dependability in both hardware and
software layers. Example areas of interest include but are not limited to the

* Hardware, software, and hybrid techniques for better memory performance,
correctness, reliability, efficiency
* Memory hierarchy design for chip multiprocessors (CMPs)
* Emerging memory technologies (e.g., Phase Change Memory, MRAM)
* Characterization and analysis of memory systems performance
* Insightful experimental evaluation and analysis of memory-intensive
* Static and dynamic techniques for understanding and improving memory
performance and efficiency
* Managed memory and garbage collection optimizations
* Hardware and software techniques for ensuring memory safety and detecting
memory-related bugs
* Hardware and software memory models and their impact on programmability
and performance
* Memory system issues in accelerator-based computing (e.g., GPGPU)
* Memory system issues in embedded computers and tiny devices
* Prefetching, compression, latency tolerance techniques for memory
* Memory power and energy management techniques
* Memory reliability management techniques

Software, hardware, and hybrid approaches are encouraged. In addition, we
solicit papers from practitioners describing problems and experiences with
memory performance and correctness in specific application domains.

Submission Guidelines: We encourage the submission of not-fully-polished but
provocative short papers (6-8 pages; 8 pages maximum) or position abstracts
(1-2 pages; 2 pages maximum). Paper submissions should use standard ACM
SIGPLAN conference format (10pt). Copies of accepted papers will be made
available at the workshop and published in the ACM digital library. Submitted
papers must not be simultaneously under review for any other conference or
journal, and authors should point out any substantial overlap with their
previously published or currently submitted work.


General Chair:
Lixin Zhang, ICT, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Program Chair:
Onur Mutlu, Carnegie Mellon University

Program Committee:
Rajeev Balasubramonian, Utah
Emery Berger, UMass Amherst
John Carter, IBM Research
Jichuan Chang, HP Labs
Andrew Chien, Chicago
Trishul Chilimbi, Microsoft Research
Cliff Click, Azul Systems
Eiman Ebrahimi, UT-Austin
Mattan Erez, UT-Austin
Eugene Gorbatov, Intel
Nikos Hardavellas, Northwestern
Maurice Herlihy, Brown
Brian Hirano, Oracle
Hillery Hunter, IBM Research
Jim Larus, Microsoft Research
Alvy Lebeck, Duke
Thomas Moscibroda, Microsoft Research
Naveen Muralimanohar, HP Labs
Satish Narayanasamy, Michigan
Erez Petrank, Technion
Moinuddin Qureshi, Georgia Tech
Xipeng Shen, William and Mary
Osman Unsal, BSC
Chris Wilkerson, Intel
Ben Zorn, Microsoft Research

Steering Committee:
Emery Berger, UMass Amherst
Brad Chen, Google
Trishul Chilimbi, Microsoft Research
Chen Ding, Rochester
Madan Musuvathi, Microsoft Research
Xipeng Shen, College of William & Mary
Jeffrey S. Vetter, Oak Ridge National Lab & Georgia Tech
Ben Zorn, Microsoft Research

Web and Submissions Chairs
Chris Fallin, Carnegie Mellon University
Vivek Seshadri, Carnegie Mellon University