NAS 2015

Final Submission Deadline
April 3, 2015

Submitted by Resit Sendag

10th IEEE International Conference on Networking, Architecture and Storage (NAS)
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
August 6-7, 2015

Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society’s Technical Committees on Computer
Architecture (TCCA), Parallel Processing (TCPP) and Distributed Processing

– Paper Submission: April 3, 2015
– Notification: May 20, 2015
– Camera-Ready Copy: June 29, 2015

The International Conference on Networking, Architecture, and Storage (NAS)
provides a high-quality international forum to bring together researchers and
practitioners from academia and industry to discuss cutting-edge research on
networking, high-performance computer architecture, and parallel and
distributed data storage technologies. NAS 2015 will expose participants to the
most recent developments in the interdisciplinary areas.

Authors are invited to submit previously unpublished work for possible
presentation at the conference. Papers should be submitted for double-blind
review. The program committee will nominate best papers for recognition in the
three conference topic areas. All papers will be evaluated based on their
novelty, fundamental insight, experimental evaluation, and potential for long
-term impact; new-idea papers are encouraged. All accepted papers will be
published in IEEE digital library.

Papers are solicited in fields that include, but are not limited to, the

– Processor, cache, memory system architectures
– Parallel and multi-core architectures
– GPU architecture and programming
– Data-center scale architectures
– Architecture for handheld or mobile devices
– Accelerator-based architectures
– Application-specific, reconfigurable or embedded architectures
– HW/SW co-design and tradeoffs
– Power and energy efficient architectures and techniques
– Effects of circuits and emerging technology on architecture
– Cloud and grid computing
– Architecture, networking or storage modeling and simulation methodologies
– Non-volatile memory technologies
– Mobile and wireless networks
– Ad hoc and sensor networks
– Network security
– Network information theory
– Software defined networking
– Network applications and services
– Network architecture and protocols
– Virtual and overlay networks
– Network modeling and measurement
– Storage management
– Storage performance and scalability
– File systems, object-based storage
– Energy-aware storage
– SSD architecture and applications
– Parallel I/O
– Cloud storage
– Storage virtualization and security
– Software defined storage
– Big Data infrastructure
– Big Data services and analytics

General Chair
– Resit Sendag (U of Rhode Island)
Program Co-Chairs:
– Jun Wang (U of Central Florida)
– Iris Bahar (Brown U)
Vice Program Chairs:
– Networking: Weikuan Yu (Auburn U) & Haiying Shen (Clemson U)
– Architecture: Martin Herbordt (Boston U) & Tali Moreshet (Boston U)
– Storage: Xiaosong Ma(Qatar Comp Ins & NC State) & Ali Butt(Virginia Tech)
Local Arrangements Chair:
– Ningfang Mi (Northeastern U)
Publications Chair:
– Gus Uht (U of Rhode Island)
Registration Chair:
– Yan Sun (U of Rhode Island)
Finance Chair:
– Yan Luo (U of Massachussetts-Lowell)
Industry Liaison Chair:
– Ming Zhang (EMC)
Publicity Co-chairs:
– Chengsheng Xie (Huazhong U Sci. Tech)
– André Brinkmann (Universitat Mainz)
– Ramon Bertran (IBM)
– Alper Buyuktosunoglu (IBM)
Submission Chair:
– Xunchao Chen (U of Central Florida)
Web Chair:
– Ibrahim Burak Karsli (U of Rhode Island)
Steering Committee
– Xubin He (Virginia Commonwealth U)
– Changsheng Xie(Huazhong U of Sci.Tech)
– André Brinkmann (U Mainz)
– Jian Li (IBM Austin Research Lab)
– Tao Li (University of Florida)
– Marco D Santambrogio (Politec. Milano)
– Hongbin Sun (Xi’An Jiaotong U)

Networking Track
– Weikuan Yu, Auburn University (co-chair)
– Haiying Shen, Clemson University (co-chair)
– Sarp Oral, Oak Ridge National Lab
– Shane Canon, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
– Richard Graham, Mellanox
– Amith R Mamidala, IBM
– Jian Tan, IBM
– Ronald Brightwell, Sandia National Lab
– Gerald F II Lofstead, Sandia National Lab
– Wenjun Wu, Beihang University
– Jia Rao, University of Colorado Cold Springs
– Seung-Jong Park, Louisiana State University
– Xin Yuan, Florida State University
– Saad Biaz, Auburn University
– Kang Chen, Clemson University
– Yaohang Li, Old Dominion University
– Shan Lin, Temple University
– Chuan Yue, University of Colorado Colorado Springs
– Mengjun Xie, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
– Lei Yu, Georgia State University
– Yang Guo, Bell Labs
– Yongning Tang, Illinois State University
– Fangzhe Chang, Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent
– Feng Deng, Clemson University
– Weichen Liu, Chongqing University
– Zhi Wang, Tsinghua University
– Xiaojun Hei, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
– Yuan He, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
– Di Wu, Sun Yat-Sen University
– Liudong Xing, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
– Gang Zhou, College of William and Mary
– Jiangyi Hu, Devry University
– Junwei Cao, Tsinghua University
– Wenzhong Li, Nanjing University
– Surendar Chandra, EMC Data Protection and Availability Division
– Wei Zhang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
– Yao Liu, SUNY Binghamton
– Chiu Tan, Temple University
– Kyoungwon Suh, Illinois State University
Architecture Track
– Martin Herbordt, Boston University (co-chair)
– Tali Moreshet, Boston University (co-chair)
– Lide Duan , University of Texas at San Antonio
– Cesare Ferri , Marvel
– Mark Hempstead , Drexel University
– Ajay Joshi , Boston University
– Dong Li , Qualcomm
– Xiaoyao Liang , Shanghai Jiao Tong University
– Yan Luo , University of Massachusetts Lowell
– Vijay Nagarajan , University of Edinburgh
– Gi-Ho Park , Sejong University
– Dmitry Ponomarev , SUNY
– Kelly Shaw , University of Richmond
– Magnus Sjalander, Uppsala University
– Bharat Sukhwani, IBM
– Radu Teodorescu , Ohio-State University
– Jing Wang , Capital Normal University
– Jason Xue , City University of Hong Kong
– Zhibin Yu , Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology
– Jidong Zhai , Tsinghua University
– Dongyuan Zhan , AMD
– Chuanjun Zhang , Intel
– Wei Zhang , Virginia Commonwealth University
– Ping Zhou , Intel
– Zhichun Zhu , University of Illinois at Chicago
Storage Track
– Ali Butt, Virginia Tech (co-chair)
– Xiaosong Ma, Qatar Comp Res Inst and NC State (co-chair)
– Youngjae Kim, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
– Gary Liu, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
– Fei Meng, North Carolina State University and PureStorage
– Xing Wu, Amazon
– Xuanhua Shi, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
– Zhe Zhang, Cloudera
– Sudharshan Vazhkuda, ORNL
– Shuibing He, IIT
– Yong Chen, TTU
– Suren Byna, LBL
– Medha Bhadkamkar, Symantec Research Labs
– Avani Wildani, Salk Institute
– Min Li, IBM TJ Watson Research Center
– Aayush Gupta, IBM Almaden Research Center
– Lei Tian, Tintri
– Tao Xie, San Diego State University
– Song Jiang, Wayne State University
– Abhishek Chandra, University of Minnesota
– Jay Lofstead, Sandia National Laboratories
– Jinho Hwang, IBM Research
– Yifeng Zhu, University of Maine
– Xiao Qin, Auburn University
– Douglas Thain, University of Notre Dame
– Alan Sussman, University of Maryland
– Peter Varman, Rice University
– Nitin Agrawal, NEC Labs
– Fang Zheng, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
– Qingdong Wang, University of Central Florida/Huizhou University