Call for Papers:

Special Issue on Environmentally Sustainable Computing

Final Submission Deadline
April 26, 2022

IEEE Micro seeks articles on the intersection of computer system design and environmental sustainability. Digital technologies have profound influence on the societal wellbeing of humans, transforming all aspects of our lives, from creating education opportunities to enabling access to a wide breadth of information. The proliferation of digital technologies has fueled significant economic growth. As computing becomes increasingly pervasive, so does its impact on the environment. What does an environmentally sustainable computing stack look like when environmental sustainability is placed as the first design and optimization principle? How can computing technologies assist us in achieving a more environmentally sustainable and responsible computing future?

This special issue of IEEE Micro will explore academic and industrial research on topics that relate to computing’s environmental sustainability. Papers on a range of topics are invited, including, but not limited to:

  • Sustainability-inspired systems beyond energy-efficiency optimization, such as green server design and circular cloud infrastructure
  • Tools, metrics, and evaluation methodologies for assessing computing’s environmental impact
  • Computing for environmental sustainability
  • Environmental design for pervasive computing
  • System design adopting the circularity principle, such as e-waste reduction

Important Dates

Submission deadline: April 26, 2022
Initial notifications: June 28, 2022
Revised papers due: August 2, 2022
Final notifications: September 6, 2022
Publication: November/December 2022