Call for Posters:

Stephen and Sharon Seiden Frontiers in Engineering and Science Workshop: “Beyond CMOS: From Devices to Systems”

Final Submission Deadline
April 15, 2017

2017 Stephen and Sharon Seiden Frontiers in Engineering and Science Workshop: “Beyond CMOS: From Devices to Systems”
Technion, Haifa, Israel
June 5-6, 2017

Poster submission: April 15, 2017 (Extended)
Early bird registration: April 15, 2017
Poster acceptance notification: May 1, 2017
Registration: May 1, 2017

A special workshop on emerging solid state memories to extend CMOS. This workshop will bring together researchers and executives from academia and industry to discuss the different implications of emerging solid state memories on computer industry. The workshop focus will include device physics, circuits, architecture, reliability, security, and systems. The technologies include RRAM, PCM, 3D Xpoint, STT MRAM, CBRAM, memristors, and others.

Poster Submission:
Please submit a 1-page abstract, including a title, names of authors, and their affiliations.

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Partial List of Confirmed Speakers:
Alyssa Apsel (Cornell, USA), Amit Berman (Samsung, Israel), Leon Chua (UC Berkeley, USA), Massimiliano Di Ventra (UC San Diego, USA), Giovanni De Micheli (EPFL, Switzerland), Joseph Friedman (UT Dallas, USA), Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon (University of Utah, USA), Chia-Hua Ho (Winbond, Taiwan), Giacomo Indiveri (EPFL, Switzerland), Engin Ipek (University of Rochester, USA), Edwin Kan (Cornell, USA), Avi Klein (Western Digital, Israel), Michael Kozicki (Arizona State University, USA), Hai Li (Duke University, USA), Michal Lipson (Columbia University, USA), Wei Lu (University of Michigan, USA), Dejan Milojicic (HPE, USA), Thomas Mikolajick (Namlab, Germany), Onur Mutlu (ETH Zurich/Carnegie Mellon, Switzerland/USA), Stuart Parkin (Max Planck Institute, Germany), Themis Prodromakis (University of Southampton, UK), Damien Queriloz (Paris-Sud University, France), Jennifer Rupp (MIT, USA), Abu Sebastian (IBM, Switzerland), Sabina Spiga (CNR-IMM, Italy), Mircea Stan (University of Virginia, USA), John Paul Strachan (HPE Labs, USA), Ronald Tetzlaff (TU Dresden, Germany), Rainer Waser (RWTH Aachen, Germany), Uri Weiser (Technion, Israel), Yuan Xie (UC Santa Barbara, USA),Eli Yablonovitch (UC Berkeley, USA), Jianhua Joshua Yang (UMASS, USA)

Eby Friedman (Rochester University, USA)
Avinoam Kolodny (Technion, Israel)
Shahar Kvatinsky (Technion, Israel)