Call for Papers:

Workshop on Democratizing Domain-Specific Accelerators @ MICRO56

Abstract or Paper Registration Deadline
September 8, 2023
Final Submission Deadline
September 15, 2023

WDDSA is a venue that explores the potential of the renaissance of general-purpose computing using emerging domain-specific accelerators (DSAs).  

While we are interested in work that supports general-purpose computing on recent DSAs, we also encourage submissions in general on DSAs and their infrastructure. This workshop is interested in but is not limited to the following topics.

  1. Novel use cases of an accelerator where applications are outside accelerators’ original application domains
  2. Systems, programming, and software for democratizing domain-specific accelerators.
  3. Architectural support for democratizing domain-specific accelerators.
  4. Performance/power/energy evaluation/analysis of democratizing domain-specific accelerators
  5. Implications to future “democratized” accelerator design.

  We have three tracks of submissions.

  1. Original research papers. WDDSA welcomes papers on projects working on innovative ideas with preliminary results. WDDSA works together with IEEE Computer Architecture Letters (IEEE CAL) to invite top papers in this track to publish in IEEE CAL.
  2. Published research papers with artifacts available. The submission can be based on an already published work (published within 12 months upon the submission deadline). WDDSA provides a platform for these papers to promote their artifacts, allowing the community to use and extend existing projects. The presentation may consider including a live demo.
  3. Industry insights. WDDSA also welcomes papers on industry projects, encouraging the industry to have conversations with the academia.

The submission deadline is 9/15/2023. Please check for more details.