Call for Papers:

Workshop on HW/SW Techniques for Minimizing Data Movement

Final Submission Deadline
February 12, 2018

2nd Workshop on Hardware/Software Techniques for Minimizing Data Movement (Min-Move)
in conjunction with ASPLOS 2018
Williamsburg, USA
March 24, 2018

Submission deadline: Feb 12, 2018 (early submissions are encouraged for a possible earlier notification.)

The goal of achieving exascale performance under stringent power budget is important, exciting, and challenging. One of the biggest impediments to achieving this goal is the excessive data movement across different levels of the memory hierarchy. In this workshop, we intend to discuss innovative ways to reduce this data movement in a variety of architectures (including CPUs, GPUs, handhelds, data centers, IoT, accelerators etc.). We welcome all novel submissions that describe hardware, software, or hardware-software codesign techniques to reduce the data movement.

Any idea/technique that can help in reducing the data movement is appropriate for this workshop. Some topics (but not limited to) are:
– Near-Data Processing (e.g., near caches or memory or storage devices)
– In-Memory Computing (e.g., in caches or memory or storage devices)
– Approximate Computing (e.g., load value approximations)
– Cache/DRAM Locality Optimizations
– Data Compression Techniques
– Emerging Memory Technologies (e.g., STT-RAM, Memristor)
– Non-Von-Neumann Architectures (e.g., Quantum Architectures, Automata Processor)
-Interconnection Architectures (e.g., on-chip, off-chip, Ethernet, interposer system, flexible interconnects for FPGA)
– Programming and Language Support for Minimizing Data Movement

Please use the standard LaTeX or Word ACM templates. The length (including references and other material) of the paper should not exceed 6 pages, with a minimum length of 2 pages. Email your paper to all the organizers by the deadline (see Important Dates below).

An online version of all the papers will be available on the workshop website. This choice allows authors to use feedback from the workshop to extend their work for future publication at a more formal venue.

Adwait Jog, College of William and Mary (Email:
Eun Jung (EJ) Kim, Texas A&M University (Email:

Program Committee:
Niladrish Chatterjee (Nvidia)
Reetuparna Das (UMich)
Myoungsoo Jung (Yonsei)
David Kaeli (Northeastern)
Onur Kayiran (AMD Research)
Aasheesh Kolli (VMWare and Penn State)
Asit Mishra (Intel)
Yoonho Park (IBM)
Gennady Pekhimenko (UToronto)
Lawrence Rauchwerger (Texas A&M)

Please contact the organizers if you have any questions. Please email us with the subject prefixed by the tag “Min-Move:”.