Call for Papers:

Workshop on Systems for Multi-core and Heterogeneous Architectures

Final Submission Deadline
February 7, 2018

8th Workshop on Systems for Multi-core and Heterogeneous Architectures (SFMA)
co-located with EuroSYS 2018
Porto, Portugal
April 23, 2018

Paper submission deadline: February 7, 2018

Modern multi-core and accelerator-rich architectures present a variety of challenges for system developers. To achieve high performance on these platforms, application developers will need to exploit parallelism and leverage low-level hardware features to a much greater extent than before. At the same time, these traits are transcending single host systems as emerging integrated fabric technologies enable disaggregated rack-scale system designs in data centers, with hundreds of GB/s, sub-microsecond interconnects blurring traditional machine boundaries.

The workshop (the eight installment of the successful SFMA and MaRS workshops) brings together researchers in operating systems, language runtime, virtual machine and architecture communities to present and discuss their system building experiences with the new generations of parallel and heterogeneous hardware.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
– novel multi-core operating system designs,
– runtime systems and programming environments for future hardware,
– OS or runtime support for heterogeneous processing cores,
– scheduling on many-core architectures,
– hybrid scale-up/scale-out system designs
– energy efficiency, fault tolerance and resource management on future multi-core architectures,
– performance evaluation of potential future hardware,
– architectural support for systems-level software, and
– case studies of system-level software design for current or future multi-core hardware.

The papers will be distributed to workshop participants via the website, but will not be published via ACM Digital Library with the aim to encourage the submission of early-stage work soliciting feedback from the community. This policy allows later submission to more formal venues, e.g., EuroSys, OSDI, or ISCA.

We plan to have 4-8 presentations of accepted papers, and 3 keynote speakers with world-established expertise in the field of interest for the workshop. The workshop will conclude with a panel discussion.

Authors are invited to submit original work that exposes a new problem, advocates a specific solution, or reports on actual experience. In addition, this year we are also considering already published papers for those who wishes to expose their work to a new audience. The submissions are of three types: short papers (5 pages) or position papers (1-2 pages), and extended abstract (1 page) for already published papers. The page count does not include references.

Mark Silberstein, Technion
Chris Rossbach, UT Austin/VMWare Research