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ASAP 2019

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June 21, 2019
Registration Deadline
July 17, 2019

The 30th Annual IEEE International Conference on Application-specific Systems, Architectures and Processors (ASAP 2019)
New York, USA
July 15-17, 2019

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ASAP 2019 will take place in Cornell Tech, New York, United States. The history of the event traces back to the International Workshop on Systolic Arrays, organized in 1986 in Oxford, UK. It later developed into the International Conference on Application Specific Array Processors. With its current title, it was organized for the first time in Chicago, USA in 1996. Since then it has alternated between Europe and North-America. The conference will cover the theory and practice of application-specific systems, architectures, and processors. The 2019 conference will build upon traditional strengths in areas such as computer arithmetic, cryptography, compression, signal and image processing, network processing, reconfigurable computing, application-specific instruction-set processors, and hardware accelerators.

The preliminary program is available at

For a quick preview, in addition to regular paper talks, we will have four exciting keynotes, three invited talk sessions on hot topics such as hardware acceleration and in-memory computing, as well as lots of interesting poster presentations. In addition, we will also arrange reception and social events during the conference.

Keynote 1: DNA Data Storage and Near-Molecule Processing for the Yottabyte Era
Luis Ceze, University of Washington

Keynote 2: From AI1.0, AI2.0, to XAI3.0
Sun-Yuan Kung, Princeton University

Keynote 3: Heterogeneous Systems Research – in the Mood for AI in the age of Cloud and IoT
Jinjun Xiong, IBM T.J. Waston

Keynote 4: Towards High-Level Approaches to Hardware Cyber Security
Ramesh Karri, NYU

General Chair: Zhiru Zhang, Cornell University
Program Chair: Yun (Eric) Liang, Peking University
Publicity Chair: Zhenman Fang, Xilinx/Simon Fraser University
Finance Chair: Jieming Yin, AMD Research
Sponsorship Chair: Guojie Luo, Peking University
Local Chair: Bo Yuan, Rutgers University
Web chair: Cunxi Yu, Cornell University

Steering Committee:
José A.B. Fortes, University of Florida, USA
Sun-Yuan, Kung Princeton University, USA
Wayne Luk, Imperial College London, UK
Michael J. Schulte, University of Wisconsin Madison, USA
Earl Swartzlander, The University of Texas at Austin, USA