Call for Participation:


Early Registration Deadline
February 10, 2014

Submitted by Niti Madan
Call for Participation: 19th International Conference on
Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating
Systems being held in
Salt Lake City, UT, USA March 1-5, 2014

Please note the following:

Student Travel Grant Application Deadline : Feb 2nd
Early Registration Deadline: Feb 10th
Hotel Reservation Deadline: Jan 30th
Technical Program
Co-located Events Program:
Upcoming Deadlines for ASPLOS Workshop Submissions:
W-MOS — Overprovisioned Systems — Feb 3rd

ASPLOS is the premier forum for multidisciplinary systems
research spanning computer architecture and hardware, programming
languages and compilers, and operating systems and networking.
The program covers cross-cutting research spanning mobile systems
to data centers, targeting diverse goals such as performance,
energy efficiency, resiliency, and security. The conference program
(March 3rd-5th) features:

– 49 technical papers
– Two keynotes
– Inside Windows Azure: The Challenges and
Opportunities of a Cloud Operating System by
Brad Calder, Microsoft
– Neuromorphic Processing: A New Frontier in
Scaling Computer Architecture by
Jeff Gehlhaar, Qualcomm
– A debate
– Resolved: Specialized architectures, languages,
and system software should
largely supplant general-purpose alternatives
within the next decade
Moderator: David Wood, University of Wisconsin-Madison
– A Wild and Crazy Ideas (WACI) session featuring
– WACInote: RF-powered computing and communication
Josh Smith, University of Washington
– A poster session and lightning talk session for all accepted papers

ASPLOS Co-Located Events:

Saturday March 1st 2014
– ACM SIGPLAN/SIGOPS International Conference on
Virtual Execution Environments (VEE)
– Workshop on Managing Overprovisioned Systems (W-MOS)
– 7th Workshop on General Purpose Processing Using GPUs (GPGPU-7)
– 4th Workshop on Big Data Benchmarks, Performance Optimization,
and Emerging Hardware (BPOE-4)
– Tutorial: Towards Database Virtualization for Database as a Service
– Tutorial: Pin Binary Instrumentation Tutorial
– Tutorial: Accelerating Big Data Processing with Hadoop and
MemCached on Datacenters with Modern Networking and Storage
– Tutorial: Analyzing Analytics for Parallelism

Sunday March 2nd 2014
– ACM SIGPLAN/SIGOPS International Conference on Virtual
Execution Environments (VEE)
– 5th Workshop on Determinism and Correctness for
Parallel Programs (WODET)
– 9th Workshop on Transactional Computing (TRANSACT)
– 1st Workshop on Approximate Computing Across the
System Stack (WACAS)
– Tutorial: System Analytics in the Cloud
– Tutorial: Concord: Homogeneous Programming for
Heterogeneous Platforms
– Tutorial: Rigorous and Practical Server Design Evaluation
– Tutorial: Machine Learning on Big Data
– Tutorial: Multi2Sim – A Compilation and Simulation
Framework for Heterogeneous Computing