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CloudSuite 2.0 on Flexus Tutorial at ISCA 2013

Submitted by Djordje Jevdjic
The emergence of cloud computing as a dominant computing platform
highlights the need for a common architectural evaluation basis of
cloud server systems. CloudSuite is an on-going effort towards this
end, aimed at providing a contemporary suite of benchmarks that
represent popular scale-out cloud applications commonly found in
today’s datacenters.

In CloudSuite 2.0, we introduce two new benchmarks – data caching
using Memcached and graph processing – which extend the existing
benchmark suite composed of data analytics, data serving, media
streaming, software testing, web search, and web serving.
CloudSuite 2.0 is based on real-world server software stacks and
datasets, and provides the means for throughput and quality of
service (QoS) measurement for each benchmark.

In this tutorial, we first introduce CloudSuite 2.0 and demonstrate
how to run the benchmarks on real hardware. We then describe the
use of CloudSuite 2.0 for detailed architectural studies using Flexus,
a full-system multiprocessor simulator. Because evaluating real-world
server software stacks via simulation is prohibitively slow, we also
describe the Flexus’ sampling methodology, which enables fast
cycle-accurate simulation of the CloudSuite benchmarks.

Our tutorial will take place on Sunday, June 23rd, in conjunction
with ISCA 2013 in Tel-Aviv. For further information on CloudSuite 2.0
and the tutorial, please visit our website at: