Call for Participation:


Early Registration Deadline
August 25, 2023

Call for Participation
Hamburg, Germany, September 17-22, 2023


About Embedded Systems Week (ESWEEK)
Embedded Systems Week (ESWEEK) is the premier event covering all aspects of hardware and software design for smart, intelligent and connected computing systems. By bringing together three leading conferences (CASES, CODES+ISSS, EMSOFT), two symposia (MEMOCODE, NOCS), and several workshops and tutorials, ESWEEK allows attendees to benefit from a wide range of topics covering the state of the art in embedded systems research and development.

The 2023 edition of the Embedded Systems Week will take place on the campus of Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), Germany. Prior to the main event, there are 13 education classes to choose from on Thursday and Friday. Sunday starts with Tutorials, the Diversity Event, and a Welcome Reception. The three main conferences, Keynotes, Competition Sessions, Ph.D Forum and Recruitment Event take place on Monday to Wednesday, followed by Symposia and Workshops on Thursday/Friday.

* Student Travel Grants (deadline: July 10th):
* Undergraduate Scholar Program (deadline: July 10th):
* Ph.D. Forum (deadline: July 14th) and ESWEEK Recruitment Events:
* The ESWEEK registration is open. Advanced registration deadline is August 25. There are student travel supports. Check the ESWEEK webpage for more details.
* The program is online:

Keynote Talks:
* Keynote 1: “Enabling the Era of Immersive Computing: A Rich Agenda for Embedded Systems Research”, by Dr. Sarita Adve (UIUC)
* Keynote 2: “Advanced silicon technologies enabling next generation of embedded and AI architectures”, by Dr. Raja Swaminathan (AMD)
* Keynote 3: “The quest for resilient embedded systems in the era of machine learning”, by Dr. Lothar Thiele (ETH)

* CASES: International Conference on Compilers, Architecture, and Synthesis for Embedded Systems


Program Chairs: Swarup Bhunia, University of Florida, US
Jana Doppa, Washington State University, US
* CODES+ISSS: International Conference on Hardware/Software Codesign
and System Synthesis


Program Chairs: Mohammad Abdullah Al Faruque, UC Irvine, US
Muhammad Shafique, New York University, US
* EMSOFT: International Conference on Embedded Software


Program Chairs: Clarie Pagetti, Onera/ENSEEIHT, FR
Alessandro Biondi, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, IT

* MEMOCODE: International Symposium on Formal Methods and Models for System Design


* NOCS: International Symposium on Networks-on-Chip


* CODAI: Workshop on Compilers, Deployment, and Tooling for Edge AI

CODAI’ 2023

* DOT-PIM: Workshop on Agile Design and Optimization Tools for Processing-

DOT-PIM: Agile Design and Optimization Tools for Processing-In-Memory

* RSP: International Workshop on Rapid System Prototyping

RSP 2023

* T1: Introduction to the AMD Versal ACAP Adaptable Intelligent Engine and to its Programming Model
* T2: Designing an Edge Inferencing Accelerator using HLS
* T3: How to Use Model Checking to Analyze Circuits at the Transistor Level
* T4: Neural Network and Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems Formal Verification for Trustworthy AI and Safe Autonomy
* T5: MARS: A framework for runtime monitoring, modeling, and management of realtime systems
* T6: HW/SW Codesign for Brain-Inspired Hyperdimensional In-Memory Computing\

Education Classes:
* EC1: TBA
* EC2: TBA
* EC3: 3D Memory – Thermal Challenges and System Management
* EC4: Deterministic Concurrency and the Lingua Franca Coordination Language
* EC5: Efficient and Robust Edge AI: Software, Hardware, and the Co-design
* EC6: CEDR: A Novel Runtime Environment for Accelerator-Rich Heterogeneous Architectures
* EC7: Basics of Machine Learning Accelerator Design
* EC8: Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Array (CGRA): Architectures and Compilers
* EC9: Design Methodology for Low Power Computer Vision Systems
* EC10: High-Level Synthesis of Complex Parallel Specifications
* EC11: Bringing ML to the Extreme Edge
* EC12: Optical Computing for AI Acceleration
* EC13: The Five Must-to-Have Features of Modern Automotive System-on- Chip Architectures

* ACM SIGBED Student Research Competition (SRC)


* Embedded System Software Competition (ESSC)
* Tiny and Fair ML Design Contest

Tiny and Fair ML Design

Ph.D. Forum and Recruitment Events:

The Ph.D. Forum at ESWEEK 2023 is a poster session with lightning talks for Ph.D. students. The forum is open to all members of the embedded systems community and is free-of-charge. For Ph.D. students presenting posters in this Forum, limited funds will be available for travel assistance, based on financial needs.

The Recruitment Event at ESWEEK 2023 is a place for students and professionals looking for internships or jobs to meet with representatives from companies and academia. In the beginning of the event, one representative from each organization has the opportunity
to introduce the organization and its job opening(s). Afterward, all attendees have a chance to mingle.


ESWEEK 2023 General Chairs:
Xiaobo Sharon Hu, University of Notre Dame, US (General Chair)
Alain Girault, INRIA, FR (Vice General Chair)

Conference and Local Arrangement Chair:
Heiko Falk, Hamburg University of Technology, DE