Call for Participation:

FireSim and Chipyard User/Developer Workshop @ ASPLOS 2023

The FireSim and Chipyard user and developer community has experienced rapid growth, with significant cross-institution user and developer collaborations. This full-day workshop on March 26 at ASPLOS 2023 aims to bring together these communities to help drive the future direction of this ecosystem and spawn new collaborations.

This workshop will feature talks from academic and industrial users of FireSim and Chipyard, across areas like computer architecture, systems, programming languages, and VLSI research/development. We hope that the presentations in this workshop will inspire lively discussion of FireSim/Chipyard governance, feature roadmaps, outreach activities, host platform specifications, and more.

Keynote“FireSim in High-Profile Action—FETT: DARPA’s First Ever Bug Bounty Program”
Joe Kiniry, Principal Scientist, Galois

Joe will talk about FETT, DARPA’s first ever bug bounty program, and how FireSim played a key role in FETT’s success. More information about FETT is found here: FETT was a part of the DARPA SSITH program:

Preliminary program
Below is a partial list of the talks that will be presented at the workshop. See for the latest program.

  • “Integrating a high performance instruction set simulator with FireSim to cosimulate operating system boots.” Jiahan Zhang (Tenstorrent Inc.), Varun Koyyalagunta (Tenstorrent Inc.), Joe Rahmeh (Tenstorrent Inc.), Divyang Agrawal (Tenstorrent Inc.)
  • “Developing and Evaluating the nanoPU and nanoSort using Chipyard and Firesim.” Stephen Ibanez (Stanford University, Intel), Theo Jepsen (Stanford University, Intel)
  • “TraceDoctor: Versatile High-Performance Tracing for FireSim.” Björn Gottschall (Norwegian Univeristy of Science and Technology), Magnus Jahre (Norwegian Univeristy of Science and Technology)
  • “Berkeley eXtensible Environment: A Cloud-Based Open-Source Computer Architecture Simulation Environment.” Farzad Fatollahi-Fard (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Nirmalendu Patra (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Angelos Ioannou (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), John Shalf (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
  • “Profiling an Architectural Simulator.” Johnson Umeike (University of Kansas), Alex Manley (University of Kansas), Neel Patel (University of Kansas), Mohammad Alian (University of Kansas)
  • “ChipShop: A Cloud-Based GUI for Accelerating SoC Design.” Shahzaib Kashif (Usman Institute of Technology), Talha Ahmed (Usman Institute of Technology), Farhan Ahmed Karim (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)
  • “Ocelot Vector Unit and Integrating SV-based Modules in BOOM.” Dongjie (DJ) Xie (Tenstorrent Inc.), Srikanth Arekapudi (Tenstorrent Inc.)
  • “FireSim on Xilinx U250 and Other Custom Host Platforms.” David Christoph Metz (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Magnus Själander (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Learn more: More information about the workshop, registration requirements, and the complete list of talks can be found on the workshop webpage: