Call for Participation:

gem5 Boot Camp 2022

Registration Deadline
May 18, 2022

We are happy to announce the first gem5 Boot Camp, to be held at UC Davis from July 11th to July 15th 2022. The purpose of the gem5 Boot Camp is for junior computer architecture researchers, particularly PhD. students, to learn how to use gem5 in their projects. The Boot Camp, held over 5 days, will take attendees through setting up basic system simulations, creating bespoke components, learning to interpret gem5 stats, and up to running and modifying simulations comparable to real-world systems.

There will be 5 full days of workshop activities centered around learning gem5. The workshop will start with the assumption of no prior experience using gem5 and aims to go give attendees a solid and broad foundation of knowledge of gem5 in carrying out computer architecture research.

The workshop will give attendees the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to create SimObjects.
  • Learn how to use the gem5 Standard Library to create simulations.
  • Get to grips with gem5art.
  • Understand the gem5 statistics module and how to use it in your experiments.
  • Create full system simulations capable of running real-world operating systems and software benchmarks.
  • Network with others in the computer architecture research community.

And much, much more!

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided, as well as afternoon snacks. Attendees will be hosted on campus with evening social events planned.

Application deadline: May 18th 2022 (Apply here). The event is sponsored by NSF (no cost to attendees), and travel grants are available.

Anyone can apply, though spaces are limited and preference will be given to early career researchers (e.g., first or second year PhD and masters students planning on applying for a PhD). We especially encourage those from non-research universities, minority serving institutions, and universities without PhD programs to apply.