Call for Participation:

Machine Learning in Science & Engineering – MLSE 2020

Registration Deadline
December 14, 2020

MLSE 2020 will feature the latest research in artificial intelligence and machine learning that are advancing science, engineering, and technology fields at large. Through keynotes, conversations, demonstrations, and networking, this two day virtual conference will explore how data-driven approaches can help solve emerging challenges. MLSE 2020 will convene 11 tracks to highlight new research and innovation from a diverse range of disciplines.

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Benefits of attending include:

  • Opportunities to engage with 100+ speakers across 35+ national and international universities and organizations. 
  • Job and research opportunity listings.
  • Networking opportunities within MLSE 2020 discussion boards and mobile app. 
  • Access to the MLSE Research Pavilion, including posters, abstracts, videos, and papers.

MLSE 2020 Tracks Include: Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Physics; Biology; Health Sciences; Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Materials Science; Computing Systems; Earth and Environmental Sciences; Mechanical/Civil Engineering; Methods and Algorithms; Neuroscience; Quantum; Transportation.

Hosted by The Data Science Institute at Columbia University.