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Memory-Centric Computing Systems @ ISCA 2024

Early Registration Deadline
May 13, 2024
Registration Deadline
June 29, 2024

Memory-Centric Computing Systems Tutorial
In conjuction with ISCA 2024 at Buenos Aires, Argentina
Saturday, June 29

The Memory-Centric Computing Systems tutorial will cover the latest advances in PIM technology, spanning both hardware and software, including novel PIM ideas, different tools and frameworks to conduct PIM research, and programming techniques and optimization strategies for PIM kernels. We will (1) provide an introduction to PIM and the taxonomy of PIM systems, (2) give an overview and a rigorous analysis of existing PIM hardware from industry and academia, (3) provide and describe hardware and software infrastructures that can enable new and experienced researchers to conduct research in PIM systems, and (4) shed light on how to improve future PIM systems for emerging memory-bound workloads. The tutorial will also incorporate invited talks from leading industry and academic researchers in PIM systems.

Livestream :

Organizers: Geraldo F. Oliveira, Mohammad Sadrosadati, Ataberk Olgun, Onur Mutlu