Call for Participation:

MobiTools Tutorial Co-located with ISCA 2016

Submitted by Yuhao Zhu

MobiTools: Tutorial on Infrastructure and Tools for Mobile Computer
Architecture Research with an Emphasis on Real System Measurement

co-located with ISCA 2016
Seoul, Korea
June 19, 2016
The tutorial is a step to overcome the increasing barrier of entry for
conducting mobile computer architecture research. We present a series of tools
and infrastructures that enable computer system and architecture research in
the mobile computing space. The tutorial will span three key components of
mobile computing: software, hardware, and end-users. The tools that we will
cover strongly emphasize real system measurement, including performance,
power/energy, and user QoS experience.

Being co-located with ISCA provides an opportunity to have some great invited
speakers and an exciting panel: a great opportunity to see the masterminds
behind mobile computer architecture research.

MobiTools also invites mobile research tool developers to give a thirty minute
presentation about their tool and how to conduct productive research with it.
An ideal presentation will briefly introduce the tool and its underlying
mechanisms and then walk the audience through a (possibly hands on)
“quickstart” tutorial.