Call for Participation:

Non-Volatile Memories Workshop

Early Registration Deadline
March 13, 2023
Registration Deadline
March 13, 2023

14th Non-Volatile Memories Workshop
University of California, San Diego
In-person event: March 13-14

The 14th Annual Non-Volatile Memories Workshop (NVMW 2023) provides a unique showcase for outstanding research on solid-state, non-volatile memories. It features a “vertically integrated” program that includes presentations on devices, data encoding, systems architecture, and applications related to these exciting new data storage technologies.

This year, NVMW will have two events: an in-person event on May 9-10 and a virtual event on March 13-14. The workshop program features speakers from university, industry, and government research labs around the world. Detailed program information is available at

Keynote speakers

• Dr. Yang Soo Ki, Vice President at Samsung
• Prof. Yuval Cassuto, Electrical Engineering, Technion

Workshop topics will include:

  • Advances in memory devices or memory cell design.
  • Characterization of commercial or experimental memory devices.
  • Error correction and data encoding schemes for non-volatile memories.
  • Advances in non-volatile memory-based storage systems.
  • Operating system and file system designs for non-volatile memories.
  • Security and reliability of solid-state storage systems.
  • Applications of non-volatile memories to scientific, “big data”, and high- performance workloads.
  • Implications of non-volatile memories for applications such as databases and NoSQL systems.
  • Processing in non-volatile memory or storage.

Registration for the in-person event is now available at

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Registration fee for the in-person event: Postdocs & Students $180 // Standard $380