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Non-Volatile Memory Workshop

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6th Annual Non-Volatile Memories Workshop (NVMW 2015)

NVMW provides a unique showcase for outstanding research on
solid state, non-volatile memories. It features a “vertically
integrated” program that includes presentations on devices, data
encoding, systems architecture, and applications related to these
exciting new data storage technologies. Last year’s workshop
(NVMW 2014) included 32 speakers from top universities,
industrial research labs, and device manufacturers and attracted
over 230 attendees.

We will have three keynotes:

– Bob Brennan, Samsung Senior Vice President and head of
Samsung’s Memory Solutions Lab
– Andy Rudoff, Principle Engineer, Intel Corporation.
– Phill Brace, Executive Vice President, Electronic Solutions at
Seagate Technology

On Sunday Dr. John Ousterhout and his group will be presenting a
tutorial on RamCloud (

Topics of the technical sessions include:
– Advances in memory devices or memory cell design.
– Characterization of commercial or experimental memory devices.
– Error correction and data encoding schemes for non-volatile
– Advances in non-volatile memory-based storage systems.
– Operating system and file system designs for non-volatile
– Security and reliability of solid-state storage systems.
– Applications of non-volatile memories to scientific, “big
data”, and high-performance workloads.
– Implications of non-volatile memories for applications such as
databases and NoSQL systems

Registration, program, and travel grant information is available
at the workshop website:

Travel grant applications are due Feb 9th. Early workshop
registration ends Feb 28th.

Paul Siegel, UCSD ECE/CMRR
Eitan Yaakobi, Technion
Steven Swanson, UCSD CSE