Call for Participation:

SELSE 2013

Submitted by William H. Robinson
March 26-27, 2013
Stanford University

The growing complexity and shrinking geometries of modern device technologies
are making high-density, low-voltage devices increasingly susceptible to the
influences of electrical noise, process variation, transistor aging, and the
effects of natural radiation. The system-level impact of these errors can be
far-reaching. Growing concern about intermittent errors, unstable storage
cells, and the effects of aging are influencing system design. This workshop
provides a forum for discussing current research and practice in system-level
error management. Participants from industry and academia explore both current
technologies and future research directions (including nanotechnology). SELSE
is soliciting papers that address the system-level effects of errors from a
variety of perspectives: architectural, logical, circuit-level, and
semiconductor processes. Case studies are also solicited.

Key areas of interest are (but not limited to):
* Technology trends and the impact on error rates.
* New error mitigation techniques.
* Characterizing the overhead and design complexity of error mitigation
* Case studies describing the engineering tradeoffs necessary to decide what
mitigation technique to apply.
* Experimental data.
* System-level models: derating factors and validation of error models.
* Error handling protocols (higher-level protocols for robust system design).

Authors are requested to submit extended abstracts for review before December
14, 2012. Extended abstracts will be considered for both oral and poster
presentation. All accepted submissions are included in the workshop
proceedings. Authors will be notified of paper outcome by February 2, 2013.
Camera-ready papers are due on March 4, 2013.

Additional information and guidelines for submission are available at Submissions should be PDF or Microsoft Word files in IEEE format
that do not exceed four printed pages. Camera-ready papers can be up to six
pages in length in IEEE format. Papers are not made available through IEEE and
authors retain the copyright of their work. Authors may optionally choose to
make their final papers available online through the SELSE webpage.

Organizing committee (see for complete membership):

General Chair: Vilas Sridharan, AMD
Past General Chair: Alan Wood, Oracle
Program Co-chairs: Adrian Evans, iRoC Technologies
Yanos Sazeides, University of Cyprus
Finance Chairs: Anand Dixit, Oracle
Sarah Michalak, LANL
Local Arrangements Chair: Helia Naemi, Intel
Publicity Chair: William H. Robinson, Vanderbilt University
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