Call for Participation:

Tutorial on Building Online Power Models from Real Data

Submitted by Stephan Diestelhorst

Building Online Power Models from Real Data
held at MICRO 2015
Waikiki, Hawaii
December 5, 2015
In this hands-on, interactive tutorial, you will learn how to efficiently
build accurate, run-time power models using real hardware platforms using a
specially built software tool. Starting from the basics of how power is
consumed in a modern system-on-chip through static and dynamic power in the
underlying transistors, we show how activity, voltage and frequency affect the
power consumption.

We will then let you play with a board that we have prepared to be easy to
work with and walk you through practicalities, such as workload selection and
how to get activity information. With the basics from the first section, you
will be able to build your own power model for the test platform quickly.

Once you have built a simple power model for your test board, we will
introduce a surprise workload which we will then use to put the generated
power models through a real-life test: running a workload that was not
anticipated at model construction time. We will even give out prizes for
the ones closest to the real power consumption.