Call for Participation:

Workshop on Approximate Computing Across the Stack

Submitted by Luis Ceze

Workshop on Approximate Computing Across the Stack
In conjunction with FCRC
Portland, OR, USA
June 13, 2015
WAX 2015 is a workshop on approximate computing, a research direction that
asks how computer systems can be made better, faster, more efficient, and
less complex by relaxing the requirement that they be exactly correct.
Approximation arises from sources as diverse as sensors, machine learning
algorithms, and big data applications. Approximate systems raise questions
from across the system stack, from circuits to applications. WAX is a
venue for discussion, debate, and brainstorming on all of these topics.

We invite participation in three forms: position papers, lightning talks,
and discussion topics.

For additional details visit the WAX 2015 web site:

– Two page position papers due: (approximately) March 20, 2015
– Position paper notification: (approximately) May 1, 2015
– Lightning talk and discussion topics proposals due: (approximately) June 3, 2015
– Workshop: June 13, 2015 at FCRC in Portland

Emery Berger, University of Massachusetts
Luis Ceze, University of Washington
Kathryn S McKinley, Microsoft Research
Adrian Sampson, University of Washington
Ben Zorn, Microsoft Research