Announcement: ACM Digital Library usage

The SIGARCH EC would like to encourage further use of the ACM Digital library ( by our members. Downloading papers published in SIGARCH-sponsored conferences from the ACM DL provides a revenue stream back to SIGARCH. This revenue stream supports existing programs such as student travel grants and allows SIGARCH to develop new programs to further support its members. Please use the ACM DL in your research and use the ACM Authorizer to post ACM DL links to your own papers on your website ( To encourage use of the ACM DL, we will be highlighting the top 10 papers from SIGARCH (co-)sponsored conferences downloaded over the last 6 weeks in each monthly SIGARCH newsletter. Happy reading!

Top 10 Downloaded papers in SIGARCH-sponsored publications (as of May 1, 2019):

1. Morpheus: A Vulnerability-Tolerant Secure Architecture Based on Ensembles of Moving Target Defenses with Churn – 2019, ASPLOS
Mark Gallagher, Lauren Biernacki, Shibo Chen, Zelalem Birhanu Aweke, Salessawi Ferede Yitbarek, Misiker Tadesse Aga,Austin Harris, Zhixing Xu, Baris Kasikci, Valeria Bertacco, Sharad Malik, Mohit Tiwari, Todd Austin
Downloaded 829 times

2. Software-Defined Far Memory in Warehouse-Scale Computers – 2019, ASPLOS
Andres Lagar-Cavilla, Junwhan Ahn, Suleiman Souhlal, Neha Agarwal, Radoslaw Burny, Shakeel Butt, Jichuan Chang, Ashwin Chaugule, Nan Deng, Junaid Shahid, Greg Thelen, Kamil Adam Yurtsever, Yu Zhao, Parthasarathy Ranganathan
Downloaded 645 times

3. Secure remote sensing and communication using digital pufs – 2014, ANCS
Teng Xu, James Bradley Wendt, Miodrag Potkonjak
Downloaded 487 times

4. DiGraph: An Efficient Path-based Iterative Directed Graph Processing System on Multiple GPUs – 2019, ASPLOS
Yu Zhang, Xiaofei Liao, Hai Jin, Bingsheng He, Haikun Liu, Lin Gu
Downloaded 328 times

5. In-Datacenter Performance Analysis of a Tensor Processing Unit – 2017, ISCA
Norman P. Jouppi, Cliff Young, Nishant Patil, David Patterson, Gaurav Agrawal, Raminder Bajwa, Sarah Bates, Suresh Bhatia,Nan Boden, Al Borchers, Rick Boyle, Pierre-luc Cantin, Clifford Chao, Chris Clark, Jeremy Coriell, Mike Daley, Matt Dau,Jeffrey Dean, Ben Gelb, Tara Vazir Ghaemmaghami, Rajendra Gottipati, William Gulland, Robert Hagmann, C. Richard Ho,Doug Hogberg, John Hu, Robert Hundt, Dan Hurt, Julian Ibarz, Aaron Jaffey, Alek Jaworski, Alexander Kaplan, Harshit Khaitan, Daniel Killebrew, Andy Koch, Naveen Kumar, Steve Lacy, James Laudon, James Law, Diemthu Le, Chris Leary,Zhuyuan Liu, Kyle Lucke, Alan Lundin, Gordon MacKean, Adriana Maggiore, Maire Mahony, Kieran Miller, Rahul Nagarajan,Ravi Narayanaswami, Ray Ni, Kathy Nix, Thomas Norrie, Mark Omernick, Narayana Penukonda, Andy Phelps, Jonathan Ross, Matt Ross, Amir Salek, Emad Samadiani, Chris Severn, Gregory Sizikov, Matthew Snelham, Jed Souter, Dan Steinberg,Andy Swing, Mercedes Tan, Gregory Thorson, Bo Tian, Horia Toma, Erick Tuttle, Vijay Vasudevan, Richard Walter, Walter Wang, Eric Wilcox, Doe Hyun Yoon
Downloaded 256 times

6. Minimal and maximal exposure path algorithms for wireless embedded sensor networks – 2003, SenSys
Giacomino Veltri, Qingfeng Huang, Gang Qu, Miodrag Potkonjak
Downloaded 173 times

7. Improving the future by examining the past: ACM Turing Award Lecture – 2010, ISCA
Charles P. Thacker
Downloaded 151 times

8. DianNao: a small-footprint high-throughput accelerator for ubiquitous machine-learning – 2014, ASPLOS
Tianshi Chen, Zidong Du, Ninghui Sun, Jia Wang, Chengyong Wu, Yunji Chen, Olivier Temam
Downloaded 142 times

9. Neurosurgeon: Collaborative Intelligence Between the Cloud and Mobile Edge – 2017, ASPLOS
Yiping Kang, Johann Hauswald, Cao Gao, Austin Rovinski, Trevor Mudge, Jason Mars, Lingjia Tang
Downloaded 139 times

10. TETRIS: Scalable and Efficient Neural Network Acceleration with 3D Memory – 2017, ASPLOS
Mingyu Gao, Jing Pu, Xuan Yang, Mark Horowitz, Christos Kozyrakis
Downloaded 127 times