ASPLOS 2022 Artifact Evaluation Committee: Call for Self-Nominations

ASPLOS is the premier forum for interdisciplinary systems research, intersecting computer architecture, hardware and emerging technologies, programming languages and compilers, operating systems, and networking (

We are looking for motivated students, researchers and engineers to be part of the ASPLOS’22 artifact evaluation committee. This year, you can nominate yourself or your students/postdocs or fellow engineers. You can find more information about ASPLOS’22 artifact evaluation here:

The (self-)nomination form is available at:, and open until 22nd October.

As a committee member, your responsibility will be to review artifacts submitted for already accepted papers, e.g. by inspecting and running code and checking whether it allows to reproduce the main results of the paper. All evaluators will be acknowledged in the proceedings. ASPLOS AE’22 will use the HotCRP submission website to communicate asynchronously with artifact authors to allow to resolve issues quickly. We expect the main work to take place between December 8th 2021 and January 17th 2022.