CAL Recent Publications August-September 2019

The IEEE Computer Architecture Letters (CAL) Editorial Board is pleased to highlight the recent publication of the following letters:

HAD-TWL: Hot Address Detection-Based Wear Leveling for Phase-Change Memory Systems with Low Latency
Sunwoong Kim, Hyunmin Jung, Woojae Shin, Hyokeun Lee, Hyuk-Jae Lee

Quantum Circuits for Dynamic Runtime Assertions in Quantum Computation
Huiyang Zhou, Gregory T. Byrd

ARCE: Towards Code Pointer Integrity on Embedded Processors Using Architecture-Assisted Run-Time Metadata Management
Jinli Rao, Tianyong Ao, Kui Dai, Xuecheng Zou

Determining Optimal Coherency Interface for Many-Accelerator SoCs Using Bayesian Optimization
Kshitij Bhardwaj, Marton Havasi, Yuan Yao, David M. Brooks, José Miguel Hernández Lobato, Gu-Yeon Wei

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