Congratulating ISCA 2022 awards recipients

SIGARCH would like to congratulate the recipients of the awards and honors announced at the ISCA 2022 awards banquet.

ACM/IEEE CS Eckert Mauchly Award:
Mark Horowitz, Stanford
Citation: “For contributions to microprocessor memory systems”

ACM SIGARCH Maurice Wilkes Award:
Moinuddin Qureshi, Georgia Tech.
Citation: “For contributions to high performance memory systems”

TCCA Young Computer Architect Award:
Yakun Sophia Shao, UC Berkeley
Citation: “For contributions to domain-specific accelerator modelling and design”

SIGARCH/TCCA ISCA Influential Paper Award:
“Power provisioning for a warehouse-sized computer”
By Xiaobo Fan, Wolf-Dietrich Weber, Luiz Andre Barroso
34th International Symposium on Computer Architecture, June 2007

ISCA 2022 Best Paper Award:
“NvMR: Non-Volatile Memory Renaming for Intermittent Computing”
By Abhishek Bhattacharyya, Abhijith Somashekhar, Joshua San Miguel, University of Wisconsin-Madison

ACM SIGARCH Alan D.  Berenbaum Distinguished Service Award:
Kathryn S McKinley, Google
Citation: “For elevating awareness and mitigating harassment and discriminatory behavior, and for advancing best practices to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in our computer architecture and broader computing communities”

SIGARCH/TCCA Outstanding Dissertation Award:
Prakash Murali, Princeton, Princeton
Citation: ”For cross-layer computer architecture and compilation techniques that facilitate practical quantum hardware and software, bridging the resource gap between quantum applications and hardware.”

Honorable Mentions:
Akshitha Sriraman, University of Michigan/Carnegie Mellon
Citation: “For contributions enhancing the efficiency and scalability of hardware and software architecture for hyperscale datacenter systems.”

ACM Fellows:

  • Lieven Eeckhout: “For contributions in computer architecture performance analysis and modelling”
  • Hai “Helen” Li: “For contributions to neuromorphic computing and deep-learning acceleration”
  • David R. Kaeli: “For contributions to computer architecture and compilers”
  • Tajana Rosing: “For contributions to power, thermal, and reliability management”
  • Lin Zhong: “For contributions to mobile and network systems”

IEEE Fellows:

  • Murali Annavaram: “For contributions to heterogeneous architectures for energy-efficient computing systems”
  • Timothy Sherwood: “For contributions to computer system security and performance analysis”