Episode 11 of Computer Architecture Podcast Released! Featuring guest Jim Keller

Computer Architecture Podcast: a series of conversations on cutting-edge work in computer architecture and the remarkable people behind it.

Announcing the release of Episode 11: Future of AI Computing and How to Build & Nurture Hardware Teams with Jim Keller who is the CTO of Tenstorrent, and a veteran computer architect. Prior to Tenstorrent, he has held roles of Senior Vice President at Intel, Vice President of Autopilot at Tesla, Vice President and Chief Architect at AMD, and at PA Semi which was acquired by Apple. Jim has led multiple successful silicon designs over the decades, from the DEC Alpha processors, to AMD K7/K8/K12, HyperTransport and the AMD Zen family, the Apple A4/A5 processors, and Telsa’s self-driving car chip.

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