Outcome of investigation on ISCA 2019 paper

Dear members of the computer architecture community,

The jointly appointed committee of the IEEE Computer Society TCCA and ACM SIGARCH has concluded its investigation into the peer-review process of ISCA 2019. This investigation was undertaken because of anonymous emails distributed broadly within the computer architecture community, related to an accepted conference paper. The committee which conducted the investigation included members from the IEEE Computer Society TCCA and ACM SIGARCH, as well as members of the ISCA Program Committee.

The committee evaluated whether the paper in question was reviewed according to the established conference guidelines and the review practices of maintaining double blindness, without any contacts from the outside or discussions outside the review process. The committee has determined that there was no evidence of misconduct as part of the paper review process.

While there was no evidence of improper action found during the peer review process the investigation, we are assessing current processes to improve them for the future.

Babak Falsafi & Josep Torrellas