Undergrad Architecture Mentoring (uArch) Workshop, Virtual Event

The Undergrad Architecture Mentoring (uArch) Workshop will be held in conjunction with MICRO-53.

The goal of the workshop is to provide an avenue for undergraduate and early Master’s students to explore Computer Architecture. We are bringing together undergraduate students from the more than 20 countries, especially from the EMEA region, ranging from Ghana to Bosnia to Scotland to attend uArch workshop and MICRO.

We are excited to be able to foster and direct the interest of young students, thus enabling them to understand more about Computer Architecture. We believe to increase diversity and inclusion from all fronts we need to start handing the issue at a younger age and this workshop is just one step towards it.


uArch Team

Srilatha (Bobbie) Manne
Lena Olson
Newsha Ardalani
Joshua San Miguel
Divya Mahajan