Visioning Workshops in Computer Architecture

Application Deadline
October 7, 2021

Next proposal deadline: October 7, 2021

SIGARCH invites proposals for visioning workshops that will catalyze and enable innovative research within computer architecture, and between computer architecture and other areas.

Successful activities will articulate new research visions, galvanize community interest in those visions, mobilize support for those visions from the computer architecture research community, government leaders, and funding agencies, and encourage broader segments of society to participate in computer architecture research and education.

SIGARCH encourages creative ideas from all segments of the computer architecture research community and beyond, on topics ranging from the formulation of new basic research areas and technologies to the use of new or existing research ideas and technologies to address important scientific or societal challenges.

Workshop organizers are expected to bring together a group of scientists and practitioners in the area of interest, and to formulate a program that encourages new ideas, innovative thinking, and broad discussion. Workshops will typically range from 20 to 100 participants. It is important that the participants cover a broad spectrum to ensure full coverage of the area, both in terms of content area representation and employment (academia, industry, research labs, and policy and funding organizations).

Workshops are expected to have a tangible output – for example, a whitepaper (or set thereof) or a workshop report. Workshop outcomes should be targeted to multiple audiences (the research community, science policy groups or funding agencies, the general public), and the deliverables should be tailored for easy dissemination. SIGARCH will help to support both workshop organization and the subsequent generation and communication of the output.

Note that the focus is to organize workshops that create visions for broad research agendas as opposed to seeking future funding for the participants.

Additional information, including advice on preparing a proposal, can be found at