Welcome to ASPLOS 2020!

It is my great pleasure to announce that ASPLOS 2020 is open and to welcome everyone, virtually of course, to Lausanne Switerland!

The papers and talk videos are online, and the Slack workspace is ready to host lively discussions.

Fortunately, most of you are probably sitting at home, looking for stimulating technical interactions with your colleagues. Please take advantage of this week to “attend” this first online ASPLOS conference. Don’t wait, the Slack channel will not stay around forever and, this week, more people will be around to meet and talk to.

The Slack workspace is:
Click on “Channels” in the left-hand toolbar to see a list of the program session channels. We have created a channel for each session in the conference and have put the talk videos in each channel. The papers themselves are publicly accessible in the ACM digital library (

Please use these channels to discuss the papers in a session, as you would at the conference. Keep in mind that attendees live in many time zones, so conversations may be more asynchronous than when you use Slack with your colleagues down the hall.

If you prefer to binge watch ASPLOS, all of the talks are on the SIGARCH YouTube channel:

Keep safe!