Women in Computer Architecture Listserv

Women in Computer Architecture (WICARCH) is relaunching itself to better serve the women working and studying in the area of computer architecture. We will be rolling out a number of new initiatives this year, the first of which is a new email listserv hosted by ACM. The email list will serve to advertise initiatives and activities targeted at building community, networking, enhancing visibility and improving retention and advancement of our members.

Interested women can enrol themselves in the new listserv in 3 easy steps.


2. Login to your myACM account (create/activate account as needed).
Student members: if you log into myACM, you should see a “My Student Profile” on the left menu. This is where you can specify gender.
Professional members: if you log into myACM, you should see a “My Professional and Technical Interest Profile” on the left menu you. This is where you can specify gender.

3. Make sure you configured to receive email from ACM:
In myACM, under “My Contact Information”, “Email Policy”, “Current preference” should have the box “Please send me ACM Announcements via email” checked. Just because you receive ACM emails does not guarantee that this box has been checked in your profile. Please confirm.

We hope those who were participating in the previous listserv will migrate to the new one and those who were not previously involved, will be motivated to sign up. If you have any issues enrolling, please contact Natalie Enright Jerger (