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We are pleased to announce the creation of the ACM SIGARCH YouTube channel with recorded videos from the first workshop in the Visioning Series, the Workshop on Trends in Machine Learning co-held with ISCA 2017.

The Visioning Series was launched this year to catalyze and enable innovative research within computer architecture, and between computer architecture and other disciplines. The Workshop on Trends in Machine Learning brought together experts from the field to help the Computer Architecture community to understand where Machine Learning is headed. We invited a distinguished group of speakers from industry including Amazon, Baidu, Clinc, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft and NVIDIA and academia including Purdue, University of Montreal and University of Washington who gave a series of vibrant talks with their perspectives on the topic.

We believe this workshop is a first step in a two-way conversation between the Machine Learning and the Computer Architecture community. Links to both the slides and the recorded videos are available on the workshop website (next to author names). With the recorded videos from the workshop we are also launching the ACM SIGARCH YouTube channel to serve as a platform to communicate future media for SIGARCH related activities.

We would like to encourage all to submit proposals and actively participate in the Visioning Series. You can find the call for proposals at the SIGARCH website.

About the authors: Olivier Temam is an Engineer at Google. Luis Ceze is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering in the Allen School of Computer Science at the University of Washington. Joel Emer is a Senior Distinguished Research Scientist at Nvidia and a Professor of the Practice of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. Karin Strauss is a Senior Researcher at Microsoft and Affiliate Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering in the Allen School of Computer Science at the University of Washington.

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