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We are delighted to announce that SIGMICRO will join SIGARCH on the recently announced CARES program. CARES will now be a joint committee of SIGMICRO and SIGARCH. This is the first joint committee of the two organizations in recent times. We look forward to our two sister organizations from IEEE joining us in this initiative as well and to more collaborations among all four of our organizations in the near future.

The committee is co-chaired by Margaret Martonosi and Kathryn McKinley, along with Lieven Eeckhout, Joel Emer, Timothy Pinkston, and Viji Srinivasan as members.

The mission of the CARES committee is to act as a support resource for people who experience discrimination or harassment at SIGARCH and SIGMICRO events, and who might want a sounding board as they decide whether and how to report their experiences to the ACM process. For now, the CARES committee commits to have at least one representative physically at the following flagship conferences of SIGARCH and SIGMICRO: ASPLOS, ISCA, and MICRO. All CARES members are available electronically for all events sponsored by the two organizations.

This week’s ASPLOS 2018 will be the first conference covered by the CARES committee.  Prof. Timothy Pinkston ( will be the CARES representative in attendance at ASPLOS; he’d be happy to talk with you either about your conference experiences or about the CARES goals overall.  He will be introduced at the opening plenary and also at the business meeting.

Feel free to get in touch with any committee members if you have further thoughts on CARES as it gets rolling.

About the Authors: Sarita Adve is chair of SIGARCH. Michael Gschwind is chair of SIGMICRO. Margaret Martonosi and Kathryn S. McKinley are co-chairs of CARES.

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